Poultry Alert: White Chicken Lost Near Folsom and Ripley

Neighbor Orlando has issued an all-points-bulletin seeking help to recover a chicken that has gone missing in the area of Folsom and Ripley streets near the summit of Bernal Hill:

My neighbor Rick who lives across the street from me in the place better known as the “farmhouse mansion,” (yes the one built in 1870) lost a white chicken, size small. Please,  would you kindly announce the loss and if anyone finds it they can ring my doorbell and I will handle it from there.

Alternatively, if you have seen the bird that flew the coop, you can contact the Bernalwood Lost Poultry Hotline at bernalwood at gmail dot com.

UPDATE: Stand down, citizens! Neighbor Mark recovered the wayward chicken.

PHOTO: Typical white chicken courtesy of Scorpions and Centaurs

5 thoughts on “Poultry Alert: White Chicken Lost Near Folsom and Ripley

  1. I, having chickens myself in the vicinity or Dr. Rick’s, was alerted by an alert neighbor a few days ago that there was a chicken on the loose on Folsom near Ripley. I checked to make sure our own chickens (shared with the neighbors next door) were all present and accounted for (they were). I then went looking for the at-large chicken (which was white), found and caught her and was told by neighbor Rick’s neighbor that the chicken likely belonged to him. His gate was unlocked so I returned the chicken to Rick’s yard (you’re welcome, Dr. Rick).

    Perhaps that chicken was never Rick’s to begin with and is searching for her real home, or she was and she’s an adventurer.

    I, in any case, have done sufficient neighborly, chickenly duty for one week and will leave it to others to sort this particular situation out.

      • Thank you Mark and Todd for helping out in the case of the missing chicken. I am fortunate to have neighbors like you. You guys make this world a better place to live.
        Bravo Mark for if you can still catch a spreeing chicken by yourself, you are in the best shape of your life!!!!

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