4 thoughts on “Bernal’s 67 Muni Bus Is Not Swift, But Often On Time

  1. But the reason it’s considered “on-time” is because the drivers are given ample time to complete the loop, and then take breaks at BART until the schedule says it’s time to leave again. And they keep cutting the frequency of the bus. I guess that’s one way to hit your numbers.

    Lately it’s been on a 40 min schedule instead of a 20 min schedule almost every time I’ve tried to take it (even during morning commute hours). And last week when it was running every 40 minutes, I got to the stop plenty early, and it just didn’t show. When it was about 7 minutes away it just disappeared from nextmuni.com. In the past few months I’ve had to take cabs, hitch rides to BART, and walk to the Mission buses more times than I can count. I never had to do that when I first moved to Bernal.

    Given their track record, I’m not surprised that this is what Muni calls “reliable”.

  2. Celebrating relative success is dicey.

    Customers still feel the pain one out of four times, and as others point out, if the next bus is more than 15 minutes later, you think that other modes of transportation have to be better.

  3. I love it. Moved to Bernal a year ago and compared to other neighborhoods it is like clockwork on the hour, at :20 and :40. Plus the drivers are amazing – one says hello in five languages to Seniors and let me on once when I only had a $20.

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