Fabulous Bernal Heights Photographs From Your Neighbors

The Brow Houses of Franconia Street
“The Brow Houses of Franconia Street” by craig sakowitz

Bernalwood is a Land of Plenty, because there are many things we have in abundance. Two of those abundant things are 1) spectacular scenery, and 2) talented photographers.

Here is a round-up of some recent greatest hits shared in the Bernalwood Flickr Group.

Eclipse epilogue

“Eclipse Epilogue” by Gareth Spor, taken two days after a partial solar eclipse, as seen from Bernal’s Mullen Peralta Mini-Park

Bernal Hill from Potrero Del Sol

“Bernal Hill from Potrero Del Sol,” by JJSan

“Pink House, Pink Tree,” by 4blankwalls

First Thing

“First Thing,” by David Gallagher

Bernal chert with poppies

“Bernal Chert with Poppies,” by scathac1961

Man, Dogs, Bernal

“Man, Dogs, Bernal” by Isaac Hepworth



“Untitled,” by monkeyobble

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  1. No doubt Bernalwood has the best photographers in the City. What talent we’ve got up here!

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