Seniors Invited to Attend SFVillage Meeting, Thurdsay

Neighbor Hollace writes:

I am a Bernal resident on Manchester Street.  I am reaching out to other seniors in Bernal to let them know about a meeting with SF Village on Thursday, May 24.  I would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this meeting:

On Thursday, May 24, 6:30-8:30, San Francisco Village is holding an informational meeting at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, 515 Cortland.

SF Village is a community-based membership organization of older adults. It links neighbors together to help them remain in their homes as they age. This organization is a part of a grass roots movement that began in Boston in 2001. Since then, more than 60 groups across the country have adapted the village model to their own communities.  To find out more about the village movement and its diversity, you can check out The Village to Village Network.

Come to the May 24th meeting:

–Learn more about the village concept.

–Hear the Director and current members talk about their experience with SF Village.

–Ask your questions.

–Meet neighbors who want to start a Bernal Heights chapter.

For more information, contact SF Village at (415) 387-1375 or or get in touch with Holly Veldhuis at

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