Copernican Groupies Gather on Bernal Hill to View Solar Eclipse

Bernal Heights Turns Out for the Eclipse

Scientists say the earth revolves around the sun. Others believe the whole thing is a liberal conspiracy concocted by scientists with a heliocentric agenda. Opinions differ, but among the former crowd, Sunday evening’s solar eclipse was a pretty big deal.

Neighbor Brent shot the video you see above, in which dozens of Copernicans can be seen massing atop Bernal Hill in anticipation of the eclipse. Brent writes:

It was really cool. People were talking to each other, sharing home-made viewers and commercially produced lenses (think of old 3D glasses with dark, “optical density 5” lenses instead). All sorts of people were there. Many trying to take pictures (some with tripods and serious looking equipment, others with smartphone cameras). It truly was a cool scene. Here’s a typical pic:

Fashionistalab captured this shot on the hill by attaching an iPhone to a telescope:

Of course, you didn’t have to be on Bernal Hill to enjoy the show. Here’s a great shot of some wacky eclipse-mutated shadows, taken by Neighbor Isaac:

I noticed a similar thing happening on the sidewalks of Precita Avenue:

And lastly, here’s a photo of Sutro Tower that I took; notice the crescent-shaped eclipse reflection at the top of the image. Spooky!

PHOTOS: Top, David Gallagher

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