Jackie Jones Reveals Secrets of Her Famous Dancing Cat

It’s Friday, which means the Alemany Farmer’s Market will take place tomorrow — just as it has for about as long as anyone can remember. And for almost as long, the amazing Jackie Jones and Her Dancing Cat have been entertaining the crowds, and especially the kids

Recently, Vicky Walker from the excellent Bernal History Project interviewed Jackie Jones about her Farmer’s Market act, and the interview was published this week on (wait for it…) Catster, a fansite for cat lovers.

The article contains at least one bombshell: In it, Jacky Jones reveals that her freaky-awesome dancing cat actually has a name, and the cat’s name is Effigy. Which is kind of freaky-awesome.

Jackie says:

The cat’s name is Effigy, and she’s over 15 years old. She’s lavender — well, she’s supposed to be, but the sun has changed the color and now she’s pink. I wanted a cat because it’s something fun to look at while I play, because the music can turn off some people. And I don’t have good diction, so I don’t sing.

If you notice, she’s wearing a striptease outfit! She has a tasseled fringe and pasties. She might need eight pasties if I was being anatomically accurate, but I’m not into being anthropomorphic.

She also revealed that the cat has been equipped with a lethal self-defense system:

I don’t have much energy these days, so I play until about noon, 12.30. If I get a big crowd, I’ll play a bit longer. The kids are my bread and butter, as long as they’re well behaved. If I can get them dancing, that’s a plus. I have to keep an eye out, because some of them run up and hit or touch the cat. If I don’t watch that, they could pull off her arm and take it home.

Someone at the market makes long skinny balloons, and the kids go to hit the cat with them, but I’m ready for them now. I put a thumbtack on the top of the cat’s head! [Mimes small child’s disappointment at burst balloon.] “Waaaaaah!”

Vicky’s interview is packed with great details about Jackie Jones, her music, her life, and her influences. Read it to see this weekend’s Farmer’s Market from a very different perspective.

PHOTO: John Blackburn via Catster

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  1. Smart move, putting the tack on Effigy. Hope to see a balloon pop while enjoying Jackie and her Dancing Cat. It will only increase the enjoyment of the performance! BTW, I generally love kids…have a couple myself.

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