Security Camera Captures Photos of Suspect Truck in Bernal Hill Dumping Incident

Citizens of Bernalwood, several of your neighbors are working hard to identify who dumped a big load of construction debris on Bernal Hill Tuesday night. And they could use your help.

Some clues have emerged. For example, it appears the dumping didn’t actually happen on Tuesday night. If the security camera photos above show the actual suspect vehicle, it seems that the dumping occurred between 4:29 and 4:39 am on Wednesday morning.

In the first photo, we see the truck lumbering up Folsom at 4:29 am, with a full load in the back.  Ten minutes later, it came back down the hill, apparently empty. Here are zoomed and enhanced closeups of the vehicle. It is a white, late-model medium-duty truck in good condition, perhaps made by Navistar International.

Meanwhile, other clues have emerged.

Included among the debris was what appears to be a snare drum cover, with the name “Rene Maples” spray painted on the front:

Lastly, a forensic architect has joined the case, and after examining the debris, the architect made a few observations:

1) The project involves the renovation of a existing older house (Victorian/Edwardian) that had existing exterior and interior rot/water damage. The roof is flat or has flat parts. Center support beams and columns and some joists were replaced (stairs probably too). There was also likely plumbing completed (water bottle filled with urine and extra fittings) and a partial deck and/or footing replacement. Old and new siding patch.

2) The contemporary debris (laminated beam ends and composite joists) was slightly weathered, so its not from a project that started last month–but it could have been started a month or two earlier and been weathered from our recent rains.

Those are the clues your neighbors have collected so far.

If you have any additional information about the truck, the origin of the drum cover, or any neighborhood construction projects that might match the type and timing described above, please contact the Bernalwood tip line at bernalwood at gmail dot com. Let’s find the people who did this.

34 thoughts on “Security Camera Captures Photos of Suspect Truck in Bernal Hill Dumping Incident

  1. Sounds exactly like the project across the street from our house in the 1600 block of Alabama. Old Victorian, rotted inside, been worked on for months.

  2. Do you know who the contractor is Rebecca? They usually put signs up. I think all the big contractors contract out their waste hauling. They’ve got to know this is going on. We used Gavin Construction on our kitchen and bath remodel. Once or twice during the project a big truck just like this came and took all the debris away.

  3. BRB, off to LA to pitch my new show about a forensic architect. It’s going to be called either “McCreary, FA” or “Building the Case.”

    • Wait for me! I think that is BRILLIANT. At least I would watch it, and I don’t even like crime shows. The more I think about this, the more it needs to happen. Ever drive by a vacant lot in SF and wonder what used to be there?

  4. YES – that house in the 1600 block of Alabama has been under construction for months, and there is no signage.

  5. I saw a similar truck today on Cesar Chavez, part of the sewer replacement project. I noticed that the truck on Cesar had a sign painted on the side. The LACK of signage on this particular truck seen on Folsom might be a clue, too, assuming other such trucks and hauling companies probably do have some identifying marks…

  6. Why not put a decoy video camera up there to deter the dumpers? a sign that states: no dumping? or maybe a crosshair with a sign “dump here”?

      • Not opposed to a real camera, I’m just saying I’ve got a blinkenlight fake one ready to go now. The real one should probably be less obvious anyway, lest the dumpers sneak up on it with spray paint or something… I still think a MonkeyBrains antenna mast above the Helipad could be an effective mounting point, if we can’t get Kickstarter funds for the full Eye of Sautrito.

      • I understand your eagerness in stopping the illegal dumping in our neighborhood, but the objective is to catch these people so that they are penalized and as a result, use them as an example to other contractors that insist on polluting our back yards. More importantly, a lot of people are already aware of the trick-specially contractors. Keep in mind that these guys got away with dumbing a full load of debris at the crack of dawn in a noisy diesel without waking a soul and left the scene in less than ten minutes. And, if they are the same individuals, I believe they are, have gotten away time and time again.
        I agree that contractors are not rocket scientists, after all, I have first hand experience after completing my project, however, they are not stupid either. Among them are clever tradesmen such as electricians, plumbers, etc.
        With this said, I wish you would hold off on the fake camera. It would be better to catch them in the act, penalize them with a hefty fine, and finally, humiliate them by putting them on U-Tube for the rest of the contractors and the world to see.
        In their minds, they got away with it, again! For this reason, I do believe they will be back for more. Ideally, one would like to see a permanent solution to the bigger problem as opposed to just a simple quick fix ;one that all the kids are well aware of by now.

    • Contractors are not THAT smart…especially the ones who are in charge of off-haul. A lot of them, unless they are the super, don’t even know how to use the internet and think email can only be checked from one computer. dem boys are from da country or, 26th and south vanness. I work with a lot of contractors and they are all very good at what they do, but they are not sending their plumbers and electricians to the dump. They do tend to be aware of their surroundings and a camera will hopefully be deterred from dumping. Aren’t there people who walk their dogs around that time? I’ve got a cordless drill…

    • We could actually put a real camera there pretty easily. Ubiquiti Networks makes a nice wireless video camera that is compatible with the wireless network that runs; there are solar PoE supplies that aren’t too expensive. You’d probably spend $600 on the hardware (including solar); the cameras alone are around $100. Maybe Monkeybrains would give us a deal on the internet connection to the camera (or maybe a local business could sponsor it).

  7. I have a cool CSI hat (as seen on TV) used once as a prop for a video that goes to the analyst who cracks the case. Now there’s a bounty on these perps.

  8. These jerks are going to have an entire on their ass! Off with their heads!

    P.S. These comments make me proud to be your neighbor.

  9. Maybe someone should check with the realtors handling the Alabama house and see who the contractors are, and who has been removing debris.

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  11. Well, then they dumped right at the beginning of their work day, as opposed to lurking around until the dead of night (which is kinda what I had imagined). Unfortunately this means the construction could be anywhere in the city, as the truck would most likely be driven away from the work site to make it appear as though it’s going to the dump. And then on the way to work in the morning, they make a side trip to Bernal and dump.

    I think the only way to catch them is to wake up early and watch out your windows. When the loaded truck rumbles up the street, try and get a photo of the license plate and call the police.

  12. There’s a re-do of a Victorian on the west side of the 300 block of Detroit, Sunnyside, that matches this description. Complete stair and window replacement, partially open during the rains. No sign identifying contractor. In fact, no signs of permits either.

  13. Just saw a new pile of debris tonight – Saturday night – on Bernal Heights Blvd between Folsom and Carver. It’s not in the parking lot area, but just along the roadside on the (south) hill-side.

  14. Can you post more pics of the debris? maybe some exterior paint colors in the tear out to match to a current project? I am doing a remodel right now. I’d use it to check my contractor is not dumping.

  15. If there is not sign of the contractor or permits either, call the Building Dept. They will send someone over pretty quick.

    Many contractors will sub-contract out for hauling. In most cases the sub-contractor will get the day laborers hanging around Folsom St. This is a very common practice.

    Most likely if these people who are doing the illegal dumping have no license plates on their trucks. Someone would actually have to follow them to see if they even have front plates so you can call the police.

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