Yet Another Awful Dumping Incident on Bernal Hill

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Once again, shady contractors dumped a load of construction debris near the Folsom gate of Bernal Heights Park last night.

This morning our friends at Monkeybrains, our giga-awesome locavore ISP, captured the scene you see above. (Monkeybrains suggests checking the construction taking place on the 600 block of Peralta for a possible debris match. Note that this is merely one of many potential sources of the debris, NOT an accusation.)

Meanwhile, Neighbor Regina, who lives near the top of Folsom Street, was dismayed to find yet another trash pile dumped near her home. “My palms are sweating, I’m so mad,” she said this morning.

In response, she sent this email to Eric Andersen, the manager who oversees Bernal Heights Park for the SF Recreation and Parks Department:

Hi Eric,

It’s your favorite homeowner! 🙂

I’ve cc’d Todd Lappin, who manages Bernalwood. I figured you two should have each other’s contact info.

The dumpers have struck again.

In your honest opinion, what can we do about this? Is there a way to gate off that parking lot between certain hours?

I still haven’t had any luck with Joey at DPW regarding maintenance of their property. I feel like making this section look nicer will deter dumpers. If an area looks ignored, why not dump some trash there? Is there anyone else there who can help?



PHOTO: Courtesy of Monkeybrains

19 thoughts on “Yet Another Awful Dumping Incident on Bernal Hill

  1. people dump garbage pretty much every weekend after the flea market as well – right next to the sidewalk at Alemany or under the 101. I file complaints with DPW quite often but they’re still not really taking any preventative measures even though this happens every week.

  2. if DPW doesnt do it, can we get Bernalites that might want to volunteer to clean up / etc? After this weekend, I’m happy to go survey and put a plan together on what needs to happen to make the area look nicer to help stop dumping.

    • What about placing some large planters there with flowers? Should be relatively inexpensive and I’m sure the community could raise the money. Better yet, why not ask Lowes to donate some merchandise for this project?

      • That is a fantastic idea!! Lowes has not that i am aware of given bernalwood a ‘welcome me to your neighborhood gift” yet. Planters would not be permanent but would block the allowance of any vehicles able to access that portion of bernalwood. Maybe that space should not be made for parking. There is plenty of parking at the top on the south side for those that drive to walk themselves and their dogs. Either that or some lovely neighbor with visual access should install some security cameras, maybe with night vision and get them on film. That way the culprits could even get possibly busted. I am sure that the neighborhood would be willing to start a fund for a project like this so the one neighbor would not be responsible for not only housing the equip. but paying for it too.

  3. This is so infuriating. Is there any evidence of the job site based on materials, scraps of paper, etc.?

  4. Very sad, bad and infuriating, indeed; Hopefully, some forensic evidence collected by the BW team will lead somewhere.
    I don’t think that removing parking spaces or gating the area is the best approach, however. They would still dump there, parking spaces or not. Taking away access is usually never a good idea, especially there. It’s a beautiful spot to enjoy the view anytime, day or night.

  5. When I was renovating my home, this was a common occurrence on my property. Overnight, a contractor would use my place as a dump for his work. This explains why my front often held so much debris. I get the feeling it is the same guy due to it being so close to my place. I never found out who it was but he did stop after I mounted my surveillance cameras on my roof top. It was for this reason that I got them. After that, I was able to monitor the progress of the workers from my smart phone. As a result, the job was done in a timely manner (i.e. half the time).

    I am willing to bet that someone saw this guy in action. I notice folks walking their dogs at all times of morning, day, and night. I can only check my video to see if a truck with any debris passed by under the cover of darkness, but I am afraid I will not be able to get a license plate. If he drove up Folsom, I will got him.

    I will do my best.

  6. Ah ha! Cortland’s widow O’Brien has called to her neighbors to get her cow back!!! “And so the men and boys used rocks and clubs in an encounter that drove the pound men away.” Bernal Heights long lived reputation as a tightly knit town has not changed since 1913. I do believe I got them.

  7. The rocks and clubs will come as fines from the city. We need all the funds we can get you know.

    • Is there a house close enough to the dump site that a remote video camera could be installed to get a visual on the dumpers? I’m sure readers of this blog would pitch in for the cost of set up.

  8. Is it possible to get someone who lives close enough to the action to mount a camera on their property to get a visual on the dumpers? I’m sure readers of this blog would chip in to pay the cost of set up.

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  10. We live in Pacific Heights and the first weekend of every month find mattresses, futons, old electronics, etc. One week about seven computer printers appeared, always between the time I left to walk my dog and when I returned. It’s infuriating. Periodically I will take note of someone with a rental moving truck, and voila, crap appears. I report it and the address of the people moving, but does anything ever come of those reports? I think it’s a problem citywide. I’m sorry about yours, because there could be asbestos insulation, or something that goes beyond being merely piggish. I hope you find the perpetrator and he is fined and has his license (if he has one) yanked.

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