Sad Foodie Laments Closure of Los Pastores Restaurant

Horror! Neighbor Otto (and friend) are moving through the Kübler-Ross stages of grief and loss, because Los Pastores, the 4.5 star Mexican restaurant on Mission near Cortland, is gone.

Otto mourns:

Los Pastores, the best Mexican restaurant in the ‘hood has closed. It is now becoming the Cave Grill.

Not much known about the Cave Grill yet, but Grubstreet anticipated Otto’s response. They tell us what there is to be told:

A beloved, tiny neighborhood Mexican restaurant, Pastores (3486 Mission Street) in Bernal Heights, has closed, and many a neighbor will be sad to find they can’t get their chilaquiles or chile relleno anymore. Owner Irma Caderon built a loyal following over the past six years for her homey food and reportedly excellent soups and huevos rancheros. She received some early assistance from La Cocina back in 2007, but it appears she may want out of the business — though Grub Street has not yet confirmed if she’s moved on elsewhere. The new owner of the space is Ana Flores, and the new business moving will be called The Cave Grill.

PHOTOS: Neighbor Otto

4 thoughts on “Sad Foodie Laments Closure of Los Pastores Restaurant

  1. Oh my, I will miss Irma’s excellent chicken mole enchiladas, and her incredible tolerance of giddy toddlers.

  2. I am devastated at the loss of her chilaquiles and pollo con rajas. Her beans were the silken stuff of dreams. If it’s out she wanted, then I hope she enjoys a well-deserved rest, but man, I’m going to miss Irma.

  3. My whole family is in mourning. My son’s favorite restaurant. Irma catered his first communion party. He was planning on working there as soon as he was old enough.

    It does not replace Pastores, but La Santaneca and Balompie #3 are both very good.

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