Your SFPD Bernal Heights Crime Summary for April 2012

Valiant Neighbors Sarah and Edie, who cover the Bernalwood Crime Beat so assiduously for us, attended the SFPD’s Ingleside Station Chief’s Meeting last week (so you didn’t have to). Here’s Sarah’s summary of the latest Bernal Heights crime news.

Edie Williams and I attended the Ingleside Community Meeting on 4/17, as did several other Bernal neighbors.  Edie typed up great notes, which I am pasting below.

[Ingleside Community Meetings are held on 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7 to 8 pm in the Community Room of the Ingleside station, 1 Sgt. John V. Young Lane at San Jose Avenue.  All are welcome to attend and ask questions. This is a great opportunity to discuss crime and other issues affecting the district.]

Captain’s report 4. 17, 2012
by Captain Daniel J. Mahoney


Note that month = the last 28 days. YTD = 1.1.2011 – 4.17.2011 as compared to 1.1.2012 to 4.17.2012

Aggravated Assault:
19 incidents, down 39% from last month, up 24% YTD. 14 arrests made.  Primarily domestic violence, plus two shootings in the Sunnydale (more on this below).

24 incidents, up 14%, but down 33% YTD. 5 arrests made. Most robberies continue to be cell-phone-related, with an uptick in those occurring on MUNI buses. Captain has asked every officer to ride MUNI twice a day, especially the 8X, 9, and 14 buses.  MUNI has great video surveillance; many arrests stem from video captured on MUNI.

Sexual Assault:
3 incidents this month, but two occurred years ago (three years and 26 years, respectively) and were only just reported. One arrest made.

48 incidents, up 41%, up 31% YTD. 2 arrests made. Up around Randall and above, most are bike thefts from garages. Thieves are still burgling homes with Asian symbols outside. Thieves have explained they target these houses because they believe members of the Asian community don’t trust in banks and keep lots of money in their houses.

Auto theft:
56 incidents, down 32% this month, up 25% YTD. 4 arrests made.  CHP arrested a man living in Bernal, and suddenly the number of auto thefts around Precita and Cortland has decreased, but now there’s someone new in the Excelsior region. Bernal area went from highest to lowest.  Excelsior area around “European” streets (Vienna, Naples, Madrid, etc) is now highest area.  Tomorrow chief will start targeting parolees that are in the area but haven’t checked in with their parole officer to see if they’re committing either auto theft or burglaries.  Most stolen car is still Honda – 90% are Hondas from late 1990s.

Auto burglaries:
Pretty stagnant number, so when it goes down, it usually means people just aren’t reporting the crimes.

Quintuple homicide in Ingleside at 16 Howth St.
Perp was in custody within 36 hours. Police believe he targeted that home – not a random crime. Captain set up a town hall meeting at CCSF; no new information was reported, but meeting served to allay concerns and get information directly from the police in charge. Five days afterwards there was a  homicide in the Taraval, a few blocks away from this one.  The victim there was also targeted, police believe.


Burglary on 200 block of Delta, an Asian house. Perps were two men from Bayview who broke a metal gate but didn’t make it inside. An alert neighbor was watching and immediately called it in. Police caught one on the stairs, the other around the corner. Police got their tools and an admission of guilt.

Just afterwards, chief and a plainclothes officer were walking down the street, and two officers were chasing a man with a gun towards them. Perp tossed a 9mm gun onto a roof and they caught him. This activity was because the head Towerside gang member was killed, body found on the street under the Bay Bridge approach.  In response, the Sunnydale gang taunted Towerside at a vigil and began carrying more guns. Sunnydale and Towerside gangs fought – they don’t like each other anyway. At the funeral, Towerside wanted to parade the casket through their area, so they rented a motorcycle with a glass carriage trailing it, and they paraded it all around the area. They wanted to go into Sunnyside, but police wouldn’t let them.  The police met with community liaisons to convey their disgust with the theatrical display glorifying this gang member.


Bike registration campaign:
Bike thefts are serious, but many, many owners don’t even know their serial number to report the theft and reclaim their bike, even for a $2000 bike. Police will set up an online site to register bikes, and put in owner name and serial number. Once the bike owner registers, he/she gets an Ingleside sticker. If someone notices the bike with the sticker, they can stop the rider, check their name, and check the database to confirm ownership and return the bike. Can also stick GPS on the bike to track it.

Traffic enforcement:
If there are hot spots that you think the police should pay close attention to, you can tell them directly at the Ingleside Police Station website / Contact Us.

Pedestrian v. vehicle:
Big operation in the Sunnydale tomorrow – checking licensing and vehicular safety.

Ops are two parts: 1) pedestrian safety (incidents result in many pedestrians being hurt). 2) look for pedestrians coming out into the middle of the street without looking.  The captain wants to improve safety by looking for all violators – not just one type.

Bike v. vehicle:
Will also do an operation to stop drivers in bike lanes, etc. Then will do the same to stop cyclists from running red lights and stop signs. Bicyclists running stop lights or signs are subject to same tickets that autos get for doing that.

Mission and Russia:
Traffic problem, people cross to the Burger King there, which is legal, even in this case where there’s no marked crosswalk. At 5pm teens gather at bus stop and get into fights, and the Captain has put more officers on it.

Safe Haven:
A program where merchants put up a sign in their window. If a person walking down the street and feels intimidated, they can go into a business with a sign and ask for help.


Police department will lose around 400 officers by 2014 through retirement. Without budget increase, there will be no new Police Academy classes to train new officers. This means that police will be taken off all the proactive programs that prevent crime before it happens, such as beat patrols, in order to react to the crime that takes place. Oakland, Vallejo, and Sacramento have all had to gut their police forces and now lack key departments like narcotics and gang task forces.  Basically, all they can do is respond the most urgent emergency calls.

We don’t want that. Support Chief staffing plan for 5 classes next year by calling or sending an email to Supervisor Campos:(415) 554-5144,

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

3 thoughts on “Your SFPD Bernal Heights Crime Summary for April 2012

  1. Thanks for the great report.

    Now does this report include the one from Mission Station since this area is also part of Bernal Heights/St Mary’s Park?

    MUNI: Police should be put on J Church lines especially during the school rush hours. The ‘students’ from Mission High are thugs & cause problems especially to the younger kids coming from the middle school across the street.

    SInce the residents of Sunnyside/Towerside public housing projects are causing the most crime in the BVHP area, why haven’t the projects been torn down? Nobody needs that noise in any neighbhorhood.

    It seems the road between BART and SMP at night is becoming more dangerous.

    Last week a resident of St Mary’s Park was walking home up Bosworth, near the New Bosworth Market, and was attacked by a group of 5 young girls around 8:50 PM. She noted 5 adolescent girls behind her. One of them hit her twice in the face, and chased her as she ran across the street to New Bosworth Market.. She was able to reach the store and get help from the owner. Police were called and paramedics checked her out for her facial injury.

    Earlier in the evening another person had been sprayed in the face with pepper spray, and both the police and the shopowner believed it had been the same group doing it.

  2. Big thanks to Edie and Sarah, I know Sergeant Miller is retiring in the next few months. He is my direct liason for crime within Bernal. He is always been proactive regarding all our crime issues ie. the Eugenia steps, the B of A ATM machine, home break ins, Cortland corridor crime etc. Perhaps he and the Captain could attend a BBA meeting and talk to us re: the transition of these experienced officers retiring. Thanks again for reporting on Capt. Mahoney’s meeting.

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