Chaos on Precita as Speeding Car Flips Over on Saturday

Some of you may have noticed all the commotion in North Bernal late Saturday afternoon. There were a lot of sirens, and the thump-thump-thump of the Bernalwood ShadowTraffic helicopter hovering overhead. Most unhappy of all were those motorists who tried to drive along Precita from Shotwell toward Mission street… and ended up getting stuck in a full-stop traffic jam.

The cause of the chaos was a vehicle that somehow managed to flip over near the intersection of Precita and Coso. Neighbor Christel was live on the scene, and she filed this report:

Accident on Precita. Road blocked. Cops everywhere. Look at that car!

Cop told me car was speeding and hit one of those trucks that collect junk, then rolled over. No one was hurt.

After the beflipped vehicle was finally berighted, here’s how it looked. Ouch!

PHOTOS: Top, Neighbor Christel. Below, Telstar Logistics

6 thoughts on “Chaos on Precita as Speeding Car Flips Over on Saturday

  1. 2 idiots went right past me @ high speed at the Coso/Mirabel/Montezuma intersection early Saturday evening – a late-model black Ford F150 driven by a young African American man wearing a baseball cap, and a late-model blue BMW SUV driven by a young Hispanic woman. Both went past me 3 times, at high speed. On Sunday another idiot went right by my house on Montezuma at high speed, he went by so fast he was gone before I could see the type of car. I called the Ingleside station to report this — people sometimes use the hill as a playground. My neighbor at the end of Montezuma on Shotwell had a car crash through his house 2 years ago, again it was an idiot playing around on our streets at high speed. If you see this happening, get a description and PLEASE CALL THE COPS!!!

  2. I believe that’s the car that us jumped the intersection at Precita & Alabama by the Cafe earlier Saturday. A young dude with closed cropped black hair driving failed to stop on Precita and barreled across Alabama right in front of us. Glad to hear nobody got hurt though.

    • John, for real, when you see that kind of stuff get the description and call the SFPD at 553-0123. They usually send response quickly. As evidenced right here on this page, the same people tend to do this over and over, and it goes without saying what a safety hazard it is…

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  4. Those “2 idiots” were having a fight over a cell phone down the street on Coso and proceeded to go wrong way up Coso chasing each other. Glad they didn’t kill anyone.

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