Artist Captures Dog vs. Gopher Confrontation on Bernal Hill

Neighbor Laurie, who has a wonderful propensity to paint watercolors instead of snapping photos, brings us this terrific image that captures the Wild Kingdom drama of a canine/rodent confrontation on Bernal Hill. She writes:

This dog was staring intently at a hole on the west side of the hill, which was inhabited by some small rodent (a gopher?) that kept poking its head up and then ducking back down again. I was amused by the idea that this large muscular dog was completely powerless to catch the tiny rodent.

6 thoughts on “Artist Captures Dog vs. Gopher Confrontation on Bernal Hill

  1. In the interests of full disclosure, I should confess that I did snap some photos and then went home and did the sketch while looking at the photo. But the memory of the afternoon light on the hill was still fresh in my head!

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