Final Redistricting Plan Welcomed by Lost Tribe of College Hill

In the comments to our recent post about the redistricting proposal for the Dominion of Bernalwood and District 9, Neighbor Erika posted an excellent summary of the final redistricting plan — and why it’s a welcome thing for Bernal residents who live between Mission Street and the Bernal Cut. Her summary was so good, in fact, that we are reposting it in its entirety here:

What Beyond Chron called “Glen Bernal” is really the College Hill neighborhood of Bernal Heights. We mostly ID as Bernal, but so many Bernalwood denizens have snorted at our historically accurate claim that we College Hill residents have jokingly nicknamed our hood “Glernal.” And it’s particularly apt now that we’re part of Supervisor Wiener’s D8. Yep, we joined D8. Here’s the final map, settled over the weekend and published today.

This boundary shift into D8 was consciously requested by several neighbors and the College Hill Neighborhood Association for a few reasons:

1. Now we have one supervisor covering both halves of the Bernal Cut greenbelt path, the paved walking and biking trail that runs above both sides of San Jose Ave. On the Bernal side, it starts at St. Mary’s and climbs up and past College to Richland, Park, and Highland, and then back down to Appleton at Mission. It has great potential as a free community recreation resource (see our “Heal the Cut” efforts here), but for years it’s been tough coordinating cleaning-and-greening efforts because it was split between both D8 and D9. (The trash and crap—literal crap—are mostly on our Bernal side of the path, but Glen Park residents have to look at it). Neighbors have enjoyed working with both Supervisor Wiener’s and Supervisor Campos’s offices and with DPW on clean-up efforts, but we look forward to the entire Cut falling within just one supervisor’s district.

2. Now our D8 boundary at Mission St. better mirrors SFUSD’s “neighborhood school” boundary, which points College Hill kids who want a local English (instead of immersion) program to Glen Park Elementary instead of to nearby J. Serra Elementary (which was “redistricted” in September 2010 to soak up more kids in South Bernal). Here’s SFUSD’s Attendance Area map.

3. Now South Bernal has two supervisors covering its streets and its denizens, and we like the thought of 2 supervisors (Supervisor Wiener and Supervisor Campos) caring about our corner of the city.

Bravo Neighbor Erika! Her excellent executive summary clarifies the logic of moving College Hill into District 8, while also affirming the area’s longstanding allegiance to Bernal Heights. (The SF Chronicle also has a political analysis of the final redistricting plan.)

One final note. To be clear: The Dominion of Bernalwood does proudly include The Lost Tribe of College Hill in our sovereign domain, independent of any divergent supervisorial allegiances, and even as we apologize for any inadvertent periods of neglect. Bernal Über Alles, and all that.

7 thoughts on “Final Redistricting Plan Welcomed by Lost Tribe of College Hill

  1. Very cool. I didn’t know that College Hill went into that Cuvier/Marsilly area. I applaud every effort to deal with the Cut, since I walk there daily. (Oh yes, human crap, try keeping the dogs away from that!) I was disappointed to miss the recent clean-up but stay tuned through the Glen Park Association.

    Thanks for the info, Erika, from the Arlington side! 🙂

  2. I am also a member of the lost tribe, and while I’m proud to be a Bernal resident, I applaud this decision. I echo all of Erika’s cogent reasons. In addition, I’m glad that Supervisor Wiener has more motivation to address the traffic and automobile congestion concerns. Most of the traffic flowing from San Jose into our lost tribal lands are for folks heading to Glen Park. It’s essential that the efforts to “reconnect” the area to Glen Park and make San Jose avenue more safe (and less like a freeway) succeed. With the issue consolidated under one Supervisor, it’s much more likely to happen.

  3. This is great news! Thanks Erika and Bernalwood!
    friscoalex and all neighbors: Please join us this Saturday, April 21 at 10am for the monthly Every-3rd-Saturday Clean-Up of the Cut.
    There are more volunteer opportunities on Saturday April 28 when DPW and Starbucks organize a volunteer service day. We need the community’s help with two areas of the Cut: clean-up & weeding of San Jose Ave near Roanoke and we replant the Gavin Newsom Lavender Garden near Mission @ Appleton.

  4. Although it may benefit the cut, I am sad that it officially cuts us out of D9. I love bernal
    and do most of shopping there (and even more because bernal bucks benefit Paul revere) . It’s way easier to glen park from the cut and I did most groceries there until school started for son. But we are right in the middle of two great neighborhoods!

    I must admit that I did ask that GP be our neighborhood school way back because crossing this area of mission is very dangerous and in need of traffic lights (highland) and people speed up to stop at richland.
    The cut, because of paseo, you barely have to cross major streets to GP.

    This will be interesting if this affects precinct voting area as well

    I will try to make it to the GP farmers market from now on!

    Pardon my mobile blog post….I’ve been on the cut for
    10.5 years and love it!

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