Glamorous New Gallery Show for Bernal Artist Colette Crutcher

Lisa from Inclusions Gallery in Cortland sent Bernalwood a telecommunication about a new show opening tomorrow:

Colette Crutcher is Bernal Heights resident and an incredibly talented working artist. She is known in and around the city for her numerous public works, collaborative and solo (which by chance, I’ve spotted on international blog sites about SF, and have floated thru my Tumblr dash a number of times).

She’s participated in a number of group shows at Inclusions, but this will be her first solo show. I’m really hoping folks will make the connection with her as a working artist in our community, and for her public works.

Colette has done a lot of residential work around the community too. Several neighbors have front doors/walkways or gardens adorned with her beautiful, fanciful mosaics.

“Stairways Doors & Windows: Recent works by Colette Crutcher”
Opens this Saturday April 14, with a reception for the artist, from 6-8 pm
Colette Crutcher will also give a talk and presentation about her many public works (with a Q&A to follow): Thursday April 19th at 7pm.

Inclusions Gallery
627 Cortland Av.

PHOTOS: Top, Colette Crutcher in her studio. Below, “Go Ask Alice,” by Colette Crutcher.  Photos from Inclusions Gallery

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