For Sale on eBay: Awesome San Francisco Shipyard Ashtray

As Bernalwood explained a while ago, there’s a deep and important historical connection between our now-glamorous neighborhood and the sad, abandoned, and mildly radioactive ruins of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard near Candlestick Point:

Although no contemporary realtor would ever use the words “Bernal Heights” and “Hunter’s Point” in the same sentence, the fact of the matter is that the history of the two neighborhoods are closely intertwined. That’s because once upon a time, the now-abandoned San Francisco Naval Shipyard at Hunter’s Point employed tens of thousands of San Franciscans, and many of those workers lived in Bernal Heights.

Try it out: Next time you meet a Bernal Heights old-timer — most likely, a retired male senior citizen — ask where they used to work. Quite often, they’ll say they worked at the shipyard.

Anyhoo, right now on eBay, there’s a terrific momento from the heyday of the Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard for sale. It’s a “Vintage Fukagawa Porcelain San Francisco Naval Shipyard Ashtray,” and it shows the shipyard’s classic insignia with its awesome motto: “Our Service for Ships Means Ships for Service”

As I write this now, the bidding starts at $14.99 with a $19.99 Buy It Now option. As a charter member of the Hunter’s Point History Geek Fan Club, I’ve already got one exactly like this, so I’m out. Hurry!

2 thoughts on “For Sale on eBay: Awesome San Francisco Shipyard Ashtray

  1. Alas, too late. Very affordable, my dad worked at the shipyards. I would have bought it ~ well, thanks, didn’t know they existed.

  2. Yes, indeed, both my grandfather (a Bernal dweller) and my great uncle (of Oceanview) worked there while my dad was growing up here. Neat piece of memorabilia. My grandfather had a few items like that, I’m afraid they’ve been lost to time.

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