Visiting Photographer Captures Mother of All Bernal Panoramas

Photographer Peter West Carey visited San Francisco from Seattle recently. He stayed with friends in Bernal Heights, and while he was here he took the opportunity to shoot an absolutely epic interactive panorama of the view from the north slope of Bernal Hill:

San Francisco Panorama Exploration
Location: Bernal Hill, San Francisco, California, USA, North America

Description: Hidden behind the city form the popular skyline shot across the Golden Gate, Bernal Heights is not a place most tourists choose to visit. There are no sea lions, promenades or sightseeing boats found on the hill. Just a gorgeous view of the city and bay captured at sunset.

Shot with a Canon 7D and Canon 28-300mm L lens with settings of ISO 100, 100mm, f/9, 1/60th of a second. 132 images were shot in three rows in portrait oreintation and stitched with Kolor’s AutoPano Giga. Total size is approximately 488 megapixels, my largest to date.

We believe Peter actually meant to say “488 throbbing megapixels,” because his photo is so high-resolution that you can zoom in on far-away details of the San Francisco cityscape to view details that are impossible to see from Bernal Hill normally. Remember The Six Million Dollar Man and his bionic eyeball? It’s kind of like that.

Hello, Oakland!

Salutations, Golden Gate Bridge!

Buenos días, weird 1960s highrise US Bank building on Mission at 22nd!

It may take a little while to load — 488 megapixels, after all — and it probably won’t work at all if you’re on a mobile device. But Peter West Carey’s interactive panorama is worth every byte.

PHOTOS: Via Peter West Carey

2 thoughts on “Visiting Photographer Captures Mother of All Bernal Panoramas

  1. US Bank needs to put a living wall on that piece of “communist era architecture”. Tell ’em to stop on by Flora Grubb, she’ll fix them up.

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