Star Sighting: “Curb Appeal” Filming on Bocana

Neighbor Jon contacted us via the Twitter yesterday with this hot news flash:

O-M-G! HGTV’s “Curb Appeal!”  Fliming on Bocana! So where are the photographs of glamourous celebrity hosts and tasty Craft Services food trucks? We asked Neighbor Jon to zap his paparazzi photos to us. He sent us this bizarre reply:

“I was phone-less!”

The Bernalwood Newsroom was stunned. Whuuuuuuut? Phoneless? In the twenty-first century? How sad. How befuddling.

Instead, Neighbor Jon sent us a “before” photo of the house that’s getting the Curb Appeal makeover. So watch that space, to see how the makeover goes down.

PHOTO: Neighbor Jon

14 thoughts on “Star Sighting: “Curb Appeal” Filming on Bocana

  1. I met the film crew…we are all very excited to see what happens! We all planted our FUF trees together, so feel strongly that they match their new tree! ; )

  2. Drat, you caught us! We were hoping to wait until the house looked a bit better before we told anyone about her being on Curb Appeal: The Block. Her before has been around for a LONG time, we’re really excited to see what happens next and I’m sure there will be plenty of chances to get more pictures and stories as the project continues!

  3. John/Jason! That’s so cool!!! tell them to add a hot tub and i’ll let them hang out with oscar while they film.

    ❤ Carmen

  4. And now we are nearing the end of the project, there’s paint up and plants should be appearing soon. The “big reveal” is a little more than a week away. Wait till you see what they did with the fence at Chuck’s!

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