Coming and Going from Bernal Heights by Caltrain

Caltrain Morning

Riding Caltrain to work each morning, I engage in a sad little ritual which involves gazing at our pretty little hill out the window of a commuter train that’s carrying me away from home.

It’s a moment that always feels somewhat wistful and more than a little cheesy — kind of like the emotion one gets from that old video of “Faithfully” by Journey. The photo above shows how one such morning looked a few weeks ago.

On the bright side, I come back again each night, and now that the days are getting longer again, I sometimes return before Bernal Heights is hidden in darkness. And that feels great: Home again.

Here’s how that homecoming moment looked last night, as Bernal Hill played peekaboo with some brooding clouds and a fiery orange sunset:

Welcome Home

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10 thoughts on “Coming and Going from Bernal Heights by Caltrain

  1. see you on the 220 (7:49 22nd) in the am, 379 (18:06 pa) in the eve!

    just wish the city would make it reasonably safe to ride one’s bike from Bernal to the 22nd st. station. the hairball is just ridiculous.

  2. I sometimes miss my commute to San Mateo. My current 10 minute bike ride too and from downtown SF is nice, but I sure did get a lot of neat stuff done on my CalTrain rides.

  3. Here’s a possible cure: join the Sandbox rollout for the SF2G ride—a few of us bail at Menlo/PA. (And one nice side effect of riding is that you don’t have that sad leaving-Bernal view…)

    C’mon—it’s fun!

  4. i am riding the caltrain too back and forth to palo alto, what is the best way to get from bernal to 22nd st?? when are the feared parking meters going to be up in the dog patch??

  5. I bike & ride the bullet ~daily from 22MV. I enjoy that same view of the hill, among others.

    My route from bernal to 22nd:

    There are a number of bike options on the way home, depending on how your legs feel at 7:30pm.

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