Bernal Author Releases New Book, Does Glamorous Interviews

You heard about it here first (natch), but Bernal Heights author and Bernalwood contributor Elizabeth Weil’s new book, “No Cheating, No Dying,” is now available for sale at a bookstore near you.

In between, Liz has been engaged in an open relationship with the traditional media to help spread the word about the book. Let’s review some highlights.

She counseled 7×7 magazine:

Of course all couples are different, but what would you say are the most essential ingredients for a good marriage?
You have to like each other … and keep liking each other every day. And you have to remember that your spouse isn’t nearly as predictable as you think he or she is.

The San Francisco Chronicle said:

In “No Cheating, No Dying,” her astonishingly intimate, hilariously self-deprecating, vibrant and thoroughly modern memoir, San Francisco author Elizabeth Weil goes where no man and few women have gone before – deep, deep, deep into the quotidian agonies and ecstasies of a highly volatile yet solidly committed marriage.

In Slate, Liz said:

Slate: What was the most useful thing you learned from the marriage improvement project?
Weil: Our marriage is our marriage, and we need to have the best marriage for us. With a wedding, you sort of start down this road, from this more collective fantasy. But then ultimately there you are with the person you love in your little house, and you need to build the life that’s right for you.

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