Urban Outfitters Uses Bernal Hill for Glamorous Catalog Shoot

OMG! Since everyone knows that everyone in Bernalwood is totally glamorous and maniacally style-obsessed, we’re quite sure everyone in Bernal Heights is eagerly awaiting the arrival of their February 2012 Urban Outfitters catalog!

When you open up your catalog, you’ll immediately notice that UO used Bernal Heights as the setting for a few of their super-chic fashion spreads:

I love how Urban Outfitters used totally typical Bernal residents as supermodels. And in terms of the clothes themselves, they completely nailed the way we actually dress here. (Sh*t Bernalites Say: “Honey, does this $54 plaid shirt coordinate well with my $85 suede moccasins?”)

Thoughfully, Urban Outfitters even included a sexxxy shot that will likely to appeal to certain Sutro Tower-loving separatists who reside in the La Lengua Autonomous Zone.

Thanks to reader Oliver for bringing this to our attention.

UPDATE: Look what arrived in Neighbor Regina’s mailbox today!

There’s also this “making of” video that shows in-progress footage of the catalog shoot. If you enjoy seeing models get paid to look blasé and very bored, you’ll LOVE this. The Bernal footage kicks in at around 0:26…

8 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Uses Bernal Hill for Glamorous Catalog Shoot

  1. Do we really want our hill used by a company whose leadership has LONG been a supporter of Rick Santorum. There’s a frothy mess we don’t need to spread. Too late, I guess, but baby hipstahs of the hill, keep your hard-earned tips for spending locally. Plus how many days a year will you really wear shorts and a tank top on the hill? Our runners apparently wear less, and the rest of us usually need a parka “just in case.”

  2. Urban Outfitters is bad. I could not pay for a pair of low-rise slim jeans in a color flattering to my Royal Countenance with just a promise that I would be good for the money as soon as someone would help me with my banking problem.

    And former Senator Santorum was no help with my banking troubles either. But most honorable residents of Bernal, you have a very beautiful hill here. I will have you all to my Palace for Tea once my little $$ problem clears up. Thank you again for hosting me, kindly citizens.

  3. Come for the right-wing-supporting cheap (?) clothes, stay for the awesome community and natural splendor.

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