Precita Park to Receive Glamorous Upgrades

Neighbor Demece from Precita Valley Neighbors brings some happy infrastructure news. It seems that the devotion and hard work of neighborhood volunteers has earned a grant from the City’s Community Opportunity Fund to pay for Precita Park upgrades.

Demece explains the details:

The Community Opportunity Fund Grant for Precita Park is in the $50-$75K range. It covers tougher seed for the middle of the park (where an underground stream makes the park a swamp), a patch up for the paved trail where the acacia tree roots have broken it up, and more signage (consistent with Dolores Park in style and language).

Also, for the Children’s Playground, we’ll have a **water fountain**, a community kiosk where non profit groups can post news/issues, fixed up play structures (yep, no more broken boards and cracked bolts), new sand (and here I thought all sand was old), solid rubber matting under the swing set and tire swing areas to replace the cracked open rubber gulches we have now, new paint for the play structure, disability access into the sand, and the satellite merry-go-round is **saved**.

We will volunteer to distribute the sand once the trucks come and we’ll help pick the paint colors and do the painting when the time comes.  As for start time, it looks like late February or early March, and the duration is about six months.

Since Demece basically made all this happen, we would like to extend our thanks to her, on behalf of all the Citizens of Bernalwood.

PHOTO: Precita Park, by Precita Valley Neighbors

10 thoughts on “Precita Park to Receive Glamorous Upgrades

  1. This is great news! I’m in there with my kids at least 4x/week (and am probably now personally responsible for about 5% of the revenue of Precita Park Cafe) Please keep us posted! We will be there to help as much as we can.

  2. awesome – water fountain = exponential fun in the sand for the kids.

    Any chance we can get more garbage cans too? They seem to have gone missing at the playground as of late (and fuller too… PP cafe –i’m looking at you)

    Hard to imagine now, but in the summer, shade is damn scarce on the playground. Any chance of changing that on a limited budget?

  3. Flynn kids use this park daily! Thanks for all your hard work. Way to go to rec and park for all the upgrades they’ve been doing at all our neighborhood parks (Mission, Dolores, Balboa Park, etc.)

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