Support “Cycle for Survival” With Team Spector/Smith

Bernal neighbor David Spector writes to tell us that his family is raising money to support cancer research:

The Spector/Smith family is riding this year in Cycle for Survival, an indoor relay style team cycling event that raises money for research into rare cancers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. The event was started in 2007 by Jennifer Goodman Linn and her husband Dave. It has raised more than $9 million in support of lifesaving research on rare cancers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and in the past 5 years has funded 25 clinical trials and research studies.

Our family and friends have been touched by rare cancers over the past decade. In particular this year we are cycling for Mark Mindes (Sarcoma — and he’ll be riding in NY the same day!) Gracie Lawton (Hepatosarcoma) Wendy Friedlander (Rhabdomyosarcoma) Elias Dube (Neuroblastoma) and Bruce Rosenberg (Metastatic Mealnoma.) All are alive today thanks to research and clinical trials funded by events such as this one.

David invites anyone who’s interested to either join their team or donate to support their effort.

PHOTO: Team Spector/Smith

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