Supervisor David Campos Will Run for Reelection

David Campos 1 - SF Center Soiree 8

From the San Francisco Appeal:

San Francisco Supervisor David Campos will file papers on Tuesday to run for re-election in November.

Campos represents District 9, which includes the city’s Mission District and Bernal Heights and Portola neighborhoods.

A native of Guatemala who came to the U.S. when he was 14, Campos has passed legislation on various immigration issues, including on the city’s sanctuary policy. He has also been an advocate for the rights of workers, low-income residents and the LGBT community.

“I am proud of the work I have accomplished over the past four years,” Campos said in a statement. “District 9 is one of the most culturally diverse areas of our city. I am honored to represent the district and look forward to earning a second term.”

A second term for David Campos? Discuss.

PHOTO: SF LGBT Community Center

25 thoughts on “Supervisor David Campos Will Run for Reelection

  1. Although I didn’t vote for him, I do follow what any representative of mine does – in this case, representative for the district in which Bernal Heights is in. As with Jennifer, I’m not aware of anything profound he has done. I will patiently wait for other potential candidates have to say.

  2. He has done absolutely nothing for me, and in my opinion appears to spend too much time on issues that should not be within the realm of local SF politics. He has failed to respond to me on several email questions and concerns I have posed to him. I will also look for other representation.

    • Agreed. I have contacted him on a couple of issues and literally received no reply…none. I’m disappointed in him, and also agree that he spends too much time on non-local issues. We need a more nuts-and-bolts representative on the board who will pay attention to neighborhood quality of life issues.

  3. @ Kathleen – Part of my reluctance to vote for Mr. Campos was personal experience I had with him while he was counsel for the SFUSD. I, too, had difficulties contacting him regarding questions/concerns as a resident in Bernal Heights. I’m a patient person, but I couldn’t believe that it would take so long for he or his staff to respond to a question. We’re talking multiple phone calls and emails, and, in my case, time was of the essence. Let’s see who decides to run against him, but it may not matter. Name recognition seems to make a huge difference in SF.

  4. My only experience with Campos was when I wrote to him about my neighbor’s vintage Coca-Cola sign. He was responsive, and I appreciated the process he followed before jumping to conclusions (meeting with various people in the community to hear their points of view).

    More in Bernalwood past:

    He also wrote back with kind words about my children when I forwarded him a picture of the two of them on their balance bikes in front of the Coca-Cola sign.

    I’m not saying that means a lot in terms of his record, but it is a counter-example on non-responsiveness, and in my view, he came down on the right side of that issue.

    Might others care to be more specific about what Campos has done poorly, not done (ignored)? And might others still care to provide examples about what Campos has done of benefit (besides preserving a cool sign)?

  5. When I called about a cell phone tower that was placed in front of my house on Park St, his office did some research and got back to me promptly. They essentially told me that there was nothing that could be done, which was the same conclusion that I drew from my own research. While I really wish that his office could do something real to take down the tower, they did return my calls immediately and seemed to do work towards getting me an answer with regards to the legality of the towers’ placement.

      • Yes, but not sure if it is Tmobile or not. The laws have been changed since, so no company can put a tower so close to a residence without alot of notification/discussion first. Frankly, I think everyday I live in such close proximity to this microcell, I am greatly increasing my chance of cancer. And David Campos’ office could do nothing about it, but I don’t think anyone can remove it besides the mayor or the cell company.

  6. I was disappointed by David regarding the process to decide about the exterior of our library.
    He was asked by the Library Commission to oversee a process to reach a reasonable compromise regarding this sensitive issue. David found an excellent mediator. However, there was no outreach to our whole community. A small working group, guided by the mediator, developed a plan and only then was a community meeting called. David could have called for involvement of our whole community at the start of the process, but he did not do this.

  7. My experience with David Campos was his support of San Francisco Inclusive Schools Week in 2010. He attended and spoke eloquently at the Mayoral Proclamation, and I understand has been a longtime advocate for inclusive education, and equitable civil rights for people of all abilities. > more at

  8. I’ve had a few interactions with Mr Campos including during his campaign when he called me and took about 15-20 minutes listening to what I had to say on various issues. I’ve found him to be significantly more responsive than Mr Ammiano was when he represented us. I haven’t had any cause not to reelect him, he definitely seems to be one of the good guys.

  9. @bldxyz – A couple of years back, when our area of Bernal was to finally see the long awaited “improvements” to our street, myself as well as a contingency of 4-5 neighbors separately attempted to contact him in regard to best practices in working with the committee in charge of those improvements. We noted huge conflicts of interest (some committee members were building homes and vying for plans to suit their properties at the expense of existing ones), and noticed we were not being notified of meetings pertaining directly to us, as we had been promised. We also had questions regarding certain legalities. We figured, as a fairly substantial party, he would get back to at least one of us. This did not occur. We tried several times – emails, phone calls. Not a one of us received a response. I work from home, so I reached out with more frequency than the rest, and I thought that eventually he/his office would tire of my persistence, and respond – just to at least get me off their back. As weeks had gone by, time was of the essence. Roads were going to be built, stairs laid, without our concerns and valid ideas being heard. We needed assistance, ASAP. 6-8 weeks down the road, I finally heard from someone in the office. I don’t think I actually had a conversation with Campos until – literally – the very last moment. And, while not his doing, his office could offer no assistance. My neighbors and I were able to utilize another resource, which ended up helping us, but precious time had been wasted, and as a result, parts of the the improvements moved forward without our input. We were able to stall some of the work, and have real dialogue with the city (vs. the committee), but only with the assistance of an activist who knew how the city operated,and who to contact. Campos’ office didn’t know this? Odd. We needed guidance, but didn’t find it with Campos.

  10. Seems to only thing he’s pashionate about is gutting the Ellis Act. If he succeeds this will mean more run down rentals that no-one wants to own or fix because they can never live there or sell. But Campos will be happy because he is afraid of demographic change.

  11. Should he ever be up for re-election again remember this was the guy who chose to vote to reinstate wife beater Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. He is also busy demonizing the tech population, homeowners and rental housing owners. Yes Campos has been be busy, all in the wrong places for building a strong community. My friends hosted a house party for him originally in Bernal as we were proud of him in the gay community. None of us will vote for him again.

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