17 thoughts on “Reminder: Bernal Hill is Not Your *&^%*@! Trash Dump

  1. I’ve been seeing this all over the city. We’ve had lots of trash get dumped in our ‘hood and it’s appauling.

    • Agreed. We also saw a bunch of trash dumped off of 101 in Marin onto a hillside near the Rodeo Beach tunnel recently. Appalling indeed.

  2. Oh to be able to catch these people in the act — the cops, I mean — and not only fine ’em to the max but make them clean up their mess AND do a bunch of hours of community service. Zero tolerance to those who dump on our hillsides.

  3. too bad those leaving their crap will never read this. Maybe if people think of their impact on others, they might think twice?!? a) displacing the handicap space b) unknown garbage that pets could get into (being a puppy owner, this particularly annoys me!) c) who ultimately has to pick up and pay for this…after living in London for years and there being cctv EVERYWHERE..I still don’t understand why we don’t employ more of this method here.

  4. I agree with all comments. Many years ago, I found a large bag of trash on the hill, dug into it to find an envelope with the dumper’s address on it, loaded it in my car and deposited it on his front porch, not far from the hill in Bernal.

  5. There were reports of several egregious dumping incidents all around SF on New Years Day and Jan 2. I saw a HUGE pile myself at 5th/Bryant by the bridge entrance. Seriously gross. Diapers, the works. A friend of mine tweeted a pic of another huge pile in Hayes Valley off Octavia. It’s never far from a freeway it seems.

  6. The cul de sac in St Mary’s Park is a dumping ground, too. Neighbors are constantly cleaning up after the scumbags who leave their trash there. Once the police did catch the people. They turned out to come from the Mission.

  7. The 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th circles of hell all have vacancies for Those who dump construction waste on steep green hilltops, within a disabled parking place.
    May Geyron dump Them down the ditch

  8. I walk a lot along the Bernal Cut as well as bike along that part of San Jose and I’m sometimes pretty disgusted at what I see. Trash and crap (and often, grossly, actual human crap) in the bushes, up and down the hillsides, glass in the bike lanes, etc. It’s less a dump of one big haul and more of an accumulation of many people being inconsiderate. I used to think it came in cycles but now I’m thinking that the cycles are just build-up and then clean-up.

    This morning I collected two glass bottles along the Cut (near Miguel) as I do on a regular basis to toss in someone’s recycling bin or my own (yet I still see broken glass that I have to steer the dog away from…). Before I spotted a bin I saw a DPW crew on the Highland bridge with a truck marked Street Cleaning Crew with a bunch of guys getting ready to, I suppose, clean streets. Yay! I tried to give them the litter I’d picked up, but they rejected it. Um, ok. I guess they could have thought I was trying to offer them full beer bottles, so I guess that’s good they don’t drink on the job, but thought it was odd. Found a recycling bin and tossed it in a few houses later, but still…

  9. Tonight at about 5 pm I stopped and chatted with some folks from Recology, SF Parks, and a woman from the DA’s office.

    She gave me her card and asked if I would post her contact info. to this blog so that if anyone has any leads as to who did the dumping can contact her. They were gathering papers and whatever else they could find that might give some clues.

    Her contact info: Molly Braun, Criminal Investigator, City and County of SF 415-551-9554

    She says it can be quite hard to catch these dumpers, and the best evidence is a photo or a video of the person in the act. I wish I could’ve caught the litterer in action.

  10. Thanks for the info, RenV.
    For those that want to pitch in, I just saw this awesome announcement come by on the Glen Park Neighborhood mailing list:
    Celebrate MLK Day with neighbors!
    Fri Jan 6, 2012 10:36 am (PST)
    Monday, January 16, has become a day of service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our neighbors to the east, the College Hill Neighborhood Association, are teaming up with DPW to do a major clean-up of the Bernal side of the Bernal Cut path,
    The community-building starts at 9 a.m., and you’ll see our friends and neighbors scouring the path and hillside. (We’re talking about the hill rising above San Jose Avenue, and the footpath that runs along it on the east side.)
    You can RSVP or send any questions to CHNA President Tom Cantrell at

  11. I know this sounds crazy but maybe it’s time to install a video cam up on a pole near by this location and connect it to someones home pc, or several pc’s to keep a watch on this. it would be possible to catch the trash dumpsters in the act. just a thought.

  12. I’m not usually a fan of CCTV everywhere… but I did notice that there’s a direct line of site from the Helipad to this spot. Neighbor Scott? I would donate my old iPhone 3GS to the effort and throw in a Photojojo telephoto lens.
    Another idea: fake camera with flashing LED, mounted on the bulletin board. I’ve seen them for less than $10 — a pretty cheap deterrent.

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