More Bernal Love in the New York Times

Dogpatch/Miller Memorial Garden

While you were resting and relaxing and not really paying attention to the media over the holiday, Bernalwood’s glamour-obsessed editorial team kept a vigilant eye on the news wire. Here’s one mention you may have missed.

In the Bay Area print edition of the New York Times on Christmas Day, Bernal Heights got another shout out, this time for the semi-secret Dogpatch-Miller Garden on the east side.

The Times sayeth:

The east slope of Bernal Hill, which was settled in the 1860s by Irish farmers and dairy ranchers, has stayed true to its roots and now has an abundance of community gardens utilizing the steep hillsides, including this 8,750-square-foot spot. There are 35 city-owned community gardens in San Francisco, overseen by the Parks and Recreation Department and run by volunteers. 

The garden’s official name comes from the streets it lies between, but locals know it by other names. It is most commonly referred to as Miller Memorial Grove, named for Roosevelt Miller, a friendly old-timer who is now deceased. The green space is also known as Dogpatch, a local nickname that preceded the Miller moniker and refers to its former life hosting neighborhood dogs.

Snaking below the garden, narrow Brewster Street was developed in the mid-1990s after residents complained about fire trucks not being able to get through. Residents agreed to sweep the newly paved street themselves to avoid parking hassles.

Flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and succulents cover the 20 plots of this hillside garden. A rustic sign at the top announces: “This is a nice neighborhood garden.” A six-tiered wooden beehive also shares the land.

More where that came from, right here.

PHOTO: Dogpatch-Miller Garden Sign by Steve Bowles

2 thoughts on “More Bernal Love in the New York Times

  1. Thanks for highlighting this! We walk by the garden nearly every day with our son and I happened to save the Xmas NYT for a time capsule we’re creating for him – fun that it now has even more meaning!

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