FINALLY! Bernal Supper Club Will Pop-Up at Cafe Cozzolino

Okay, this is just such a great story. After enduring a “diaspora period” in the Mission District, the pop-up Bernal Supper Club has now found a new home here at home in Bernal Heights. And even more exciting is the location: The Bernal Supper Club will be setting up shop in the underutilized, underdelicious Cafe Cozzolino space on the southwest corner of Precita Park.

The first BSC dinner in the new location will happen this Monday Night, December 19. The second will happen just after the New Year, on January 2. If things go well, the BSC will serve on even more nights, and during more nights each week, in the same spot.

And that would be awesome. I’ve eaten at the Bernal Supper Club twice, and both times the food was great.

Plus, as I wrote earlier:

No less great were the big smiles on the faces of chefs Tony Ferrari, Jonathan Sutton, and Miles Carnahan. “I spend all week looking forward to Monday!” Ferrari said when I grabbed him for a moment to say hello. The restaurant had a healthy crowd, and the gents were clearly having a blast in the kitchen. Their enthusiasm was palpable.

Everyone wins here: The Bernal Supper Club gets a venue in Bernal Heights. The folks who run Cafe Cozzolino get some extra cash. North Bernal gets an amazing place to have dinner. And Precita Park gets a restaurant that could put it on the city’s culinary map.

If you can’t make it on Monday, stay on top of the Bernal Supper Club’s upcoming schedule on their website. But me? I’ll be there on Monday night.

PHOTO: Top, illustration by Telstar Logistics. Below, Jon Hope

22 thoughts on “FINALLY! Bernal Supper Club Will Pop-Up at Cafe Cozzolino

  1. This is a dream come true! I had been thinking that the solution to Cozzolino’s issues was to become a pop-up venue, and . . . BEHOLD!

  2. Outstanding! “Underdelicious” is being kind to Cozzolino. Can’t wait to try BSC! And on their site they confirm drop-in, early hours, and kid-friendliness. Love it.

    • Don’t know there last seating, but I’d assume before 10 pm. Hard to predict the crowd, since it’s the first time in a new venue. Cozzolino is actually pretty big, but then again, there’s no doubt a lot of “pent up demand” in the neighborhood.

  3. Just ate there. It was great! And crowded — clearly there’s a market for what they’re doing.

    We ran into a friend there who actually eats at Cozzolino, but even he described the food as “undelicious.”

    • Yes! Great food, and I’ve never seen — you know — people inside Cafe Cozzolino. I spoke to one of the BSC chefs afterward, and he said they sold out of food. Bodes well.

  4. I tried to go with several friends at 8 but the wait was too long– we gave up but will definitely try again next time. Great to see the hood turn out for this.

  5. One of the reasons I love living here in the North slope is the tranquility and lack of crowds with its abundant parking. Why is this so hard to live with. Why is it so absolutely necessary to call the crowds in? Bernal Hill is one of the last peaceful sanctuaries left in this town. I suppose that will soon come to an end. If I want a good restaurant to eat, I know where to find one without the long waits that come from overcrowding. The new coffee place at the playground end is enough for me. When something is good as is, what is the call to destroy it?? Why would I ask for a crowded restaurant next door to me in a place that allows me to feel that for a moment, I am away from it all? This is what makes living in Bernal a special place to live. But it seems like I am the only one that must feel this way.

    • I hear what you are saying, being a south sloper I can’t relate, but from what the staff said it will be every Monday…so you can have tranquility 6 nights a week still : )

    • I’m not asking for crowds, and I think if BSC took over Cozzolino it would eventually settle into regular restaurant life. But for us North Slopers Cozzolino is a blight, pure and simple: space wasted on lousy food for decades. I don’t mind quiet; I mind having only one restaurant within walking distance that’s decent. One more isn’t “there goes the neighborhood” territory.

  6. Four of scored a table after about a 30 min wait…it was worth it. The meatballs were yummy, the trout divine, the pork was pretty darn good too! The service was stupendous!!!! Every monday..yay!!

  7. So let me get this correct. Precita Park Cafe and the Bernal Supper Club start-up in the same week in the Precita Valley? This better not be some dumb dream. If I wake to find Monday’s being bad Italian food at Cozzolino’s and 500 Precita a vacant space I will be VERY upset!

    • That will never happen! Bsc is here to stay and be consistent! Not to mention take care of our community… We love precita park cafe, it’s a great area we want to help grow. Look out for BSC picnic lunches in precita park come 2012.

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