TONIGHT: City Hall Hearing on Lucky Horseshoe’s Entertainment Permit

Lucky Horseshoe

**Hearing Date Corrected from Previous Version**

Eric Embry, co-owner of the Lucky Horseshoe bar on Cortland, is getting ready for a big evening *tonight* at City Hall. That’s when a hearing will be held to consider his application to get an entertainment permit for the bar, a move which would enable the Lucky Horseshoe to host live music.

In an email to Bernalwood, Eric writes:

We hope lots of folks will come to City Hall, Room 400, Tuesday evening at 6:30 to let the Entertainment Commissioners know that Bernal Heights wants live music at The Lucky Horseshoe. We’ve collected hundreds of signatures and letters of support, and we have a rock-solid plan that will integrate live music into the community in a positive way that was previously unknown at the venue. The entertainment we host will be as warm and welcoming as The Lucky Horseshoe is, making the bar an even more integral part the community.

I’ve been watching the hearings online and it’s actually going to be fun, in a civics lesson kind of way. Maybe not fun in some other ways but…The Commission will no doubt ask some tough questions, as the music scene at Skip’s Tavern in years past was far from cherished by the neighborhood at large. The folks at City Hall need to hear about the positive changes we’ve brought to the bar, and not just from us. Lisa Marie and I dearly appreciate all of the support and kind words that so many of you have given us, and we want the Commissioners to hear about it first hand. Come on down to City Hall and let’s bring live music back to Cortland Avenue!

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  1. I wasn’t able to make the hearing but wrote emails to the city officials listed on the flyer – stopped by late last night and it seems like the hearing was a success???

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