Micro-Interview: Thanksgiving Day at the Good Life

A last-minute scramble for a pie tin (grasshopper pie… mmmmm!) occasioned a Thanksgiving Day visit to the Good Life Grocery. The perfect excuse for a micro-interview!

Bernalwood: Anything been flying off the shelves today?

Manager Frank: Turkeys! The owners picked up these organic Willie Birds from the farm themselves. Also, bread. Our deli staff is baking fresh bread on-site now.

Bernalwood: How crazy has it been today?

Manager Frank: Not too bad. Yesterday was waaaaay worse!

Happy Thanksgiving, Bernal Heights!


13 thoughts on “Micro-Interview: Thanksgiving Day at the Good Life

  1. How could I not love Frank as my dad and bro had the same name. Thank you Frank for kajuling the young pups outside your shop.

    • I second that, Rusty. I would much prefer to have my deli meats sliced to order and wrapped in paper – not plastic. Hopefully GL will read this as they have wonderful customer service and support local schools with their scrip program.

      • They always tell me the Willie Bird turkey is in the refrigerator case. And was packed 1+ weeks ago and the vacuum sealed plastic bags does strange stuff to the turkey. Today I was disappointed to see that they’re now fudging the date codes on the vacuum-packed deli meat: They had put a sticker over the original sticker saying it was packed yesterday but the original sticker said packed Nov 22nd. 😦

        Maybe I will have to insist they slice it fresh for me.

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