Free Download: The Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book

When he’s not snapping pictures of Speedo-clad fitness buffs, architect Mason Kirby lives in Bernal Heights and works from a cozy little office on the corner of Bocana and Cortland.

Not long ago, Mason hit upon the rather brilliant idea of repurposing some of his elevation renderings to create a “Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book,” which he handed out to eager kiddies during the recent Fiesta on the Hill.

I loved the coloring book when I saw it, so I asked Mason if he would create a downloadable version of it for Bernalwood. He cheerfully agreed. The result is a cool collection of color-ready renderings of real Bernal homes, in styles that range from classic Victorians and Edwardians to midcentury mod-boxes.

But as Mason explains here, he also wants neighborhood artists to show off their stuff…

Bernal Architectural Kids Coloring Contest!

I just overheard a young couple outside my office window: “… a four day break from school next week?? What the hell are we going to do??” My sentiments exactly. So just in time for a rainy Thanksgiving break, we are launching a kids coloring contest.

We’ve been living and working in Bernal for the better part of eight years years, and our firm has worked with many neighbors to enlarge, modify, or otherwise update their home-sweet-homes. Recently, we repurposed various drawings from neighborhood projects to create a snappy little kids coloring book. Here for your children’s coloring pleasure is a version that you are free to download, print-out, and color-up.

To raise the game over the Thanksgiving break, I’m are holding a Bernal Kids Coloring Contest. If you’d like to participate, here are the rules:

Official Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Contest Rules:

  1. Download the coloring book. (pdf file)
  2. Print out the coloring book on a computer printer
  3. Pick your favorite house(s), and color, inside or outside the lines.
  4. On the back, write down the name and age of the person who did the coloring. Provide a way for us to reach you. (No carrier pigeons, please.)
  5. Turn your kids’ masterpieces in at our office mail box (301 Bocana @ Cortland) no later than Monday, November 28th. We’ll hang them in our window.

Drawings will be judged by a highly decorated and independent panel of judges based on age groups (0-3, 4-6, 7-10, 11-105) based on GENERAL LEVEL OF ARTISTIC MERIT.


Every entrant will receive a prize which will range from a piece of local chert all the way to a pony. Just kidding about the pony– its really all about participating right?

Questions? Need crayons?– call or visit us and we’ll hook you up.

Got that? Just download the Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book, print it out, and color like a fiend.

Last night, Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter prepared her first entry:

She’s going for gold.

14 thoughts on “Free Download: The Bernal Heights Architectural Coloring Book

  1. Love it! And, since I’m an idea person with no actual skills, may I propose another idea for Mason or other BH architects? I have noticed that Bernal features many architectural styles, and while this sounds a bit elderly when I say it aloud, I’d love to go on a walking tour and learn about the different eras of architectural styles represented in our fair neighborhood, as well as find out about any of the unusual houses in the area. Surely others would, too. Am I right? Anyone? Anyone?

  2. I am in FOR SURE!!! Observing these little gems is one of my hobbies/ workout routines! I would love to know about the homes. I have quite a few books on (or near) the topic. It would be nice to have other jr historians to meld minds with!! Great Idea SER!!

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