Cortland’s Vega Gets Love from “Check Please Bay Area”

The folks from KQED’s “Check Please, Bay Area” visited Vega on Cortland recently, and they really liked the homestyle Italian fare. The reviewers all loved, loved, LOVED the Gnocci alla Boscaiola, and one reviewer said she liked Vega so much she visited the restaurant twice. Bravissimo!

Here are the summary comments from the three “Check Please” foodies:

1) “If you’re looking for really great Italian food that’s authentic and homemade, you want to stop at Vega on Cortland.”

2) “Cozy, and definitely the gnocchi in the cream sauce is phenomenal.”

3) “To all my east coast–especially New York Brooklyn — fans, you do not have to go home anymore for good Italian food. You have found it here.”

Watch for yourself:

5 thoughts on “Cortland’s Vega Gets Love from “Check Please Bay Area”

  1. Awesome, congrats to the Vega crew! (I have to say, though, that Check Please Bay Area’s technique of the close-up disembodied hand smooshing into whatever specialty-of-the-house, lackadaisically stirring whatever bowl of soup, or forking and camera-feeding whatever nibble they happen to be talking about really has a way of making even the best food look totally unpalatable.)

  2. we walked by the day it aired, the tables were packed and lines out the door. Is this the demise of being about to walk around the corner and get a table! oh no….we love Vega and VinoRosso AND LIberty – everything they touch is special!

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