Where Kids Can Find Sweet Treats in Bernal Heights Tonight

It’s Halloween! So where are the clever kids going to show off their costumes and scoop up piles of candy in Bernal Heights tonight? Here are a few hotspots:

Cortland Avenue will be the go-to place for members of the short set to see and be seen. In keeping with ancient tradition, the merchants of Cortland will be dressed in costume to hand out candy beginning at around 5:30. Quite charming.

25 Bessie Street will host a Haunted Garage. Says Neighbor Annalise, “We’ve created a small but fantastical and somewhat scary totally-homemade haunted garage at 25 Bessie street– open Monday night at 5:00. It’s free of course. Non-scary trick-or-treating for little ones too. Our house is just one block from the Harvest Hills market at the corner of Precita and Bessie streets. Stop by, it’s gonna be spooky!”

Bennington Street (above Cortland) SSArtist says it’s hopping there on Halloween.

Treat Street (DUH!) south of Precita Park gets a lot of kid traffic most Halloweens. As it should.

Precita Street between Mission and Folsom is kid-friendly and — bonus! — flat. Many homes here get a lot of trick-or-treaters.

Anything we missed? Comment below or email us, and we’ll update this list accordingly. Happy Halloween!

PHOTO: Bernalwood’s Cub Reporter on the Halloween beat on Cortland in 2009, with her bestest, bestest friend. By Telstar Logistics.

5 thoughts on “Where Kids Can Find Sweet Treats in Bernal Heights Tonight

  1. If you are willing to tear yourself away from Bernalwood proper but are not interested in the chaos of Belvedere or Fair Oaks, I’ve heard that the Randall/Sanchez/Whitney/30th route in Glen Park is a nice option. We haven’t tried it, though, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the recommendation.

  2. We had about 150 kids who made it to upper Treat. Kids seemed happy and extra polite this year. “The seasonal decorations on your home look very professional” and “I really like your halloween sound effects!” Although I miss some of the long time regulars who have grown up, graduated high school and are off at college.

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