8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, at #occupycortland…

  1. Protesting in person is so, I dunno, old media.

    We’re more likely to occupy via Facebook, Twitter, or, perhaps, this blog, no?

  2. This hurts my brain. Why would anyone occupy cortland? It is the opposite of the … Ohhhh i get it now. Your point exactly. If we DID Occupy cortland, what would that mean? Boo to local small business? Or yay?

    • It would mean that we were showing up in silent, peaceful protest and taking up space, “occupying” our neighborhood in a symbolic, physical form. I think it would be great if people started bringing occupation to their hoods. I think we already do that in Bernal, tho. Couldn’t hurt to do it more. This totally cracked me up tho!

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