Pretty Home on Precita Sells Pretty Quickly at Pretty Price

For Bernal Heights homeowners, here’s an interesting (and encouraging) data point. The 3BR, 3BA house at 315 Precita, on the north side of Precita Park just east of Folsom, just sold for $1,275,000. Realtor Sabrina Gee-Shin says:

Everything about 315 Precita is wonderful — starting with the neighborhood.  This gorgeous home sits along Precita Park — a great place for picnics, neighborhood film night and walking your dog.  It’s a slice of Bernal Heights heaven and just a hop, skip and jump from the action in the Mission.

I represented the buyer of this lovely property.  It’s a 3 Bedroom, 3 Full Bathroom, 2,100 Square Foot home with meticulous attention to all sorts of details like lighting for the wine refrigerator, steam sauna with limestone tile, media room with integrated sound system, and a VAVOOM hood for the gourmet Viking Range stove.

It’s a sweet pad with sweet amenities, obviously, but it’s nice to know that despite all the economic turmoil, glamorous homes can still fetch a fair penny here in Bernalwood.


If you’er a potential home-buyer on the hunt for something more affordable, our friends at Curbed SF have tipped us off to a small cottage at 264 Mullen that can be had for less than $500K:

PHOTO: Top, via San Francisco MLS

20 thoughts on “Pretty Home on Precita Sells Pretty Quickly at Pretty Price

  1. And for those of us who don’t own homes but are lowly renters, always fearful of eviction and the very real probability of having to move out of town, this is just further evidence that San Francisco has become indistinguishable from every other major city in its landed gentry’s insatiable greed and that really, really is closed to the rest of us.

    • I didn’t get the article/post calling renters lowly. Perhaps I am not reading between the lines.

      I think being a renter naturally comes with the fear of eviction just as buying comes with the fear of over-paying, a downturn in market, or not being able to cover mortgage with a renter that doesn’t pay rent.

      I think also insatiable is a relative term. I think that guy that drives faster than me is as much of an idiot as the guy I just passed.

    • I think you’re assertion is absolutely ridiculous and that you’re blaming everyone else for your own problems. Thousands and thousands of people rent in the City and that’s not looked down upon, it’s the standard. If you see no difference between San Francisco and “every other major city” then bye bye birdy….

      • Great comment. Totally agree. Renting is a choice, and so is owning a own. We all make our place on this planet.

  2. Those of us who rent in this neighborhood don’t really love hearing the news about how homes here cost a million bucks. We’re struggling with an eviction because our landlord wasn’t so lucky as to sell her home for a pretty penny.

    • That’s an issue between you and your landlord. Home prices are what they are there’s not much anyone can do to change that. It’s a very desirable city to live in, that’s why you’re here in the first place.

      • More great comments. Yes, this city is VERY expensive, and it IS one of the most desirable cities to live in, in this country. Demand and desire drive up prices.

        SF is a great city and those of us fortunate to live here, renting or owning are indeed blessed and grateful.

    • I’m confused: you’re being evicted because you landlord couldn’t sell the property, or was that a typo? Assuming it was a typo.

      What kind of lease did you have (or did you have one)? I’m always surprised at renters whose leases have turned to month to month but don’t want to extend their lease for another 2 years (perhaps because they want the flexibility to move). If you had a lease they couldn’t evict you until the lease was up.

      If you’re renting and worry about future eviction, try and negotiate a lease extension with your landlord. Landlords win because they know they have a tenant for the period of the lease, and tenants win because they can’t have the lease terminated (well, perhaps subject to terms of the lease).

  3. It’s always exciting to read about how well Bernals real estate is doing. I worked hard to purchase a home here and I’m glad my investment is paying off. Thanks for this story.

  4. I don’t know anybody that can afford a 1.2 million dollar home, I live half a block from this one. I don’t begrudge someone who can afford that, but I don’t consider it “good news” in my hopes to continue staying here for the long term.

    • I know many people who can afford $1.2 m for a house. Two new families recently purchased and move in a few houses down from me in Noe. Families with kids, nice people. They believe in SF and continue to make it better and better.

      Yes, it’s tough for some, easier for others. Each situation is different.But there are also lots of condos available for first time buyers with good incentives and low rates to get started. To me, it really is all about wanting it bad enough and making sacrifices to achieve the dream of home ownership.

      • There may be low rates on condos to “get started”, but for those of us renting in the city it’s next to impossible to save the 15-20% downpayments favored by banks since the recession. If you’re buying a $500,000 condo, that’s $75,000-$100,000! Not exactly pocket change – even to those of us narrowly make the 6 figure mark.

        i think you’re grossly misrepresenting the city’s real estate market.

  5. I think that’s the old Fradella house. There were 11 kids in the family I believe and dad was a Sicilian fisherman. I went to Saint Anthony’s with Diane, one of the kids…

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  8. Gorgeous house. Glad to see that Precita Park & surrounding area has greatly improved. Friends who live in the 200 block also said the area has gotten much better. They’ve been there the past 3 years. More people moving in & converting the properties to original use such as single family homes or renovating chopped up builiding into 2-unit TICs or condos.

    A realtor friend whose listings are mostly in Bernal Heights, said that most homes sell quickly & at the listing price & above. Alot of the buyers are ones who could not get into Noe Valley &/or Glen Park, but wanted to stay in SF & close to transportation. Bernal Heights definitely has all that. Plus it’s a great walking neighbhorhood.

    Homes like the one are Mullen are worth having, too. Most of these cottogage have great outdoor space, plus the views are incredible.

    My husband & I looked at a home on Precita in 2000. The park & area was run down; full of trash; no body around; not many trees. While looking at the house, gunshots rang out; the police came. A fight had broke out & someone starting shooting. Turned out argument started at Bernal Dwellings & moved up the street. Decided not to live there.

    We did find a nice 1930s house closer to south slope of Bernal Heights. Love it & the neighbhorhood, especially Cortland Ave.

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