And Now, We Pause for a Doggy Moment

Reader Joe made a comment this morning:

Bernalwood is frightening me today.  A deadly pipeline just out my front door, and a murder scene out back.  Yikes!

He’s right. And so I will now embrace a technique pioneered by our friends at BoingBoing, who maintain perspective by pausing for “Unicorn Moments” that lighten the emotional load during grim news-cycles.

I’m adapting that idea to the conditions that prevail in Bernalwood by initiating a “Doggy Moment,” during which we will feature pictures of cute neighborhood doggies posted to the Bernalwood Flickr group.

Many, many thanks to Jacques Vidrine and Schauleh Vivian Sahba for contributing today’s anxiety-soothing images.

PHOTOS: Jacques Vidrine and  Schauleh Vivian Sahba 

7 thoughts on “And Now, We Pause for a Doggy Moment

  1. I like this. Where do I get a dog like that last one? What kind of dog is that, anyway? I am not currently a dog person, but I have two little boys so I imagine there is one in my future. Better start doing my homework!

  2. OMG. I’m issuing a warning: if any of you leave one of these little guys tied up outside of Good Life they are going home with ME.

    • Replying to myself, having had a drink or two, I like the “Reader Joe” treatment, but prefer “Neighbor Joe.” Or maybe even Neighbor Jobius, which has been my fake real name for years now.

      Actually, I’m surprised to see my comment appear under the name of jobius, when I previously posted here anonymously as “Joe Thomas,” seeing as there are 5,000 Joe Thomases in the U.S., 500 in California, and a dozen or so in San Francisco. I was unmasked by trying to update my Gravatar, whatever that is. And now I’ll probably have to start blogging, now that there’s a URL. (Don’t click yet; nothing’s there.)

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