Junior SF Giants Fans Inspired by Brian Wilson Street Art

The Giants are officially out of playoff contention, alas. But Giant Fever is alive and well among the next generation. Reader Adel tells Bernalwood that her kids love the new Brian Wilson street art that was recently added to several Bernal Heights homes, and she wrote her own blog post to show it:

When these posts of Brian Wilson street art popped up in my feed I was naturally intrigued. I put it on my list of things to go look up if I ever found an extra few minutes driving home to or from school. And one day I did 🙂

After visiting the installation on Colridge (shown above), Adel headed over to the Chalkboard House on Mullen:

My Rex was a little hesitant at first since he thought the owners might get upset if they caught him drawing on their garage door! But after a little coaxing, he quickly got into it… After writing what he wanted, he then decided he wanted to draw a picture of himself pitching. He would stop to take a step back to make sure he liked the progress of the drawing. He decided he needed bigger arms if he was going to be a pitcher so he fixed that problem. And of course just like most future Giant pitchers, he wanted to be just like Timmy [Lincecum]!

Beautiful. A second masterpiece. Thanks for sharing the tale, Adel!

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4 thoughts on “Junior SF Giants Fans Inspired by Brian Wilson Street Art

  1. aww thanks for sharing with your readers! i enjoy the bernalwood blog so much. one day after your goat post (the city was using them to do some cleanup in bernal), my son and i went driving around looking for them. but i guess they were done by then cos we couldn’t find them 😦

  2. My sister and brother-in-law own the “Chalkboard House”, and they got a big kick out of Rex’s drawing (they thought it was a picture of Timmy, but we all stand corrected now). Please thank Rex for adding his artwork to the mix!

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