Your Monthly SFPD Crime Summary: Mind Your Gold, Stash Your Bath Salts

Police Telephone

Reader Sarah, who graciously covers the Bernalwood Crime Beat, attended the SFPD’s Ingleside Station Chief’s Meeting this week (once again, so you didn’t have to). Here’s her excellent summary of the latest Bernal Heights crime and crime trend news:

September 20, 2011

I. Captain’s report by : Captain Daniel Mahoney

Monthly Ingleside Community Meetings are held monthly on third Tuesday from 7 to 8 pm in the Community Room of the Ingleside station. This is a great opportunity to meet and discuss crime and other problems affecting the district.

Recap since August meeting
1. On August 29, the street where the Ingleside station is located was rededicated to officer John V. Young, who was killed in 1971 by members of the Black Liberation Army. The flag will permanently fly at half-mast in his honor.

2. Compstat crime stats for the past 28 days (the formatting doesn’t come out that well in this text format, but hopefully you can get the gist):

Type of incident / # incidents / % Change monthly / % Change YTD / # Arrests:
Aggravated Assaults: 26/ –4% /–32%/ 16
Robbery: 25 /–19% / 5%/  3
Sexual Assault: 2 /– 0%/– 0%/ 1
Burglary: 28/–15%/ –17%/ 2
Auto Theft: 42/ 2% /–11% /1
Theft from Auto: 46 /5%/ –5%

Crime Trends and Information:

1. Most aggravated assaults are caused by domestic violence (DV). There’s a lot of DV in the Ingleside, but most is behind closed doors, where it’s hard to stop.

2. Robberies are continuing, especially grab-and-run robberies. Often a person is sitting on the bus near the door, talking on their cell phone/listening to an iPod, and a thief grabs the phone/iPod and jumps off the bus. The officers and outside resources assigned to the MUNI Response Team are excellent investigators and very responsive. They download the video from the buses the same day, share it with the stations, and work together to make arrests. They also often know the criminals. There have also been many chain-snatch robberies because gold is at $1900/ounce now. Recent victims have been between 48 and 65, mostly female.

3. To stop auto thefts and auto break-ins, police put a decoy car out in areas of high auto break-ins and theft to try and catch the perps. They recently had success with this at Mission & Kingston.

3. Shootings in the Ingleside
Several shootings within the past month, all people known to each other and/or gang-related.

There was a recent homicide at Alemany and Putnam at 1pm. A car pulled up to another car stopped at a light, and someone got out and shot someone in the car at the light. The suspect and victim knew each other and did not live in the Ingleside. At Geneva and Delano, there was a similar shooting at 11:30am (car pulled up and shot 18 rounds at someone in another car). That person survived. Similar circumstances. The captain said these incidents involve people coming in from other neighborhoods “to the east” and doing their nefarious business in the Ingleside.

One and a half weeks ago there was another shooting Mission and Excelsior that started as a fist-fight, then the loser pulled out a gun; Norteno/Sureno related. Finally, there was a homicide in the Sunnydale area that was also not random.

3. Smoke Shops selling Bath Salts that kids snort to get high.
There’s been a problem with this recently in a few smoke shops. These bath salts cause a meth-like high. Legislation making it illegal to possess or sell bath salts with that kind of chemical derivative is about to pass the state legislature. The city attorney’s office has also taken successful action against the smoke shops.

4. Traffic Enforcement
Ingleside put two operations to put decoys on the street to cross the street. Anyone who doesn’t stop for them gets a ticket, 32 people cited. Will create flyers to pass out to those who are caught to teach them what the laws are about pedestrians crossing the street. Will also put out speed monitors to educate people on the speed they’re going.

Many thanks, as always, to Reader Sarah. Let’s be careful out there, people.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

4 thoughts on “Your Monthly SFPD Crime Summary: Mind Your Gold, Stash Your Bath Salts

    • I would guess SF is more dangerous than most of the US because, being a city, it is much denser than the US at large. According to that website, the many cities have more violent crime (per capita) than San Francisco, including: Boston, Chicago, Oakland, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Jacksonville, Detroit, Charlotte, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Sacramento.

      You may also be interested in Wikipedia’s list:
      San Francisco is in the middle of the pack.

  1. There was a burglary of a home mid block Ripley between Alabama and Folsom this week. Windows broken and laptop stolen. The perp was surprised by the mailman and got away. The unusual aspect of this crime is that it was conducted in the middle of the day, in bright sunlight with neighbors on the street. Remember to report suspicious activities. Call 415-553-0123.

  2. Neighbor Edie was at the meeting and typed up the majority of these notes. Just giving credit where credit is due (though I of course love the fame, glamour, and adulation that comes with being Bernalwood’s Homeland Security correspondent).

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