Jane Underwood Sees the Lovely in Bernalwood’s Details


Red Steps

Neighbor Jane Underwood recently submitted a nice batch of photos to the Bernalwood Flickr group, and though each one is different, they are all clearly of a kind. Jane has an eye for the small details; the lovely juxtapositions of color and shape that are so much a part of like in Bernal Heights — if you bother to look.

Billboard Overlooking Allemany Flea Market

As she explained in the caption for the above image:

This billboard overlooks my neighborhood’s weekend flea market. It’s the kind of eccentric scenery that, I think, city dwellers become so accustomed to that they often don’t even notice it after a while. I try never to take my San Francisco environment for granted, and that includes the obscure parts as well as the obvious ones.

PHOTOS: by Jane Underwood

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  1. Thank you! I wasn’t aware that my photos were posted here until today, Nov. 11… happened to stumble upon this little site . . .

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