Watch This Video to Help Leonard Flynn Elementary School

Here’s your big chance to be a mouse-potato AND help Bernal’s Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School… at the same time! Neighbor Teresa explains:

Local Bernal elementary school, Leonard R. Flynn Elementary School (just off Precita Park) is a finalist in the Coupon Cabin’s arts grant contest.

Our YouTube video has garnered almost 1,000 views and could use a boost from Bernal neighbors. Views, “likes,” and comments are 25% of the judging for the $5k, $10k, or $15k award to be used for art and music programming at this local gem of an elementary school.

We have until September 18 to rally around the video and win the award for our programs.

I’m not going to embed the video, just to make double-extra sure the school gets full credit for all the clicks and views. But you know what to do, dear neighbors. View this video. (It’s only a minute long.) Add it as a favorite. Share it on the Facebook. Tweet your peeps. Spam distant relatives in far-away states, and/or any Nigerian dictators you correspond with regularly. Let’s help bring home the bacon for the kids at Leonard Flynn.

7 thoughts on “Watch This Video to Help Leonard Flynn Elementary School

  1. Thanks for highlighting this. I know a few sets of parents of Flynn kids who say the school has been improving by leaps and bounds – they have a really good principal – there are more parents involved in the PTA than ever – it’s great to think I could actually (potentially) send my kids to our neighborhood school when they’re old enough to go (which for one of them means next year).

  2. lets be real the jumps come from the new white gentry who are sending their kids to neighborhood schools, we will see what happens with this move, I’ve at my sons schools, the new gentry of parents who are mostly white turn the school around only by taking all of the power and not working with and many times isolating the minority parents,

  3. I’m almost an old fart and my grandsons are in Mass., but your neighbor over here in The Portola has watched, liked, and shared the video. I hope they get a lot of hits. 🙂

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