Crazy Driver Veers Off Crescent, Hits Car and House, Triggers Neighborly Bonding

Reader Nicole had some unwelcome excitement last weekend:

Over the weekend a presumably drunk/high driver plowed into a car and then our building on Crescent and Gates. No one was hurt, but it was actually a close call — one person almost got hit by the car and had to run to get away, and the car could have easily gone directly through the wall of the house. It certainly shook everyone up.

It was very lucky that no one got hurt — a guy was waiting to be let into another apartment in our building and saw the car smack into another neighbor’s jeep. Apparently, the car then accelerated, pushing the jeep up on to the sidewalk (slightly damaging the front steps of the house next door). The car proceeded onto the sidewalk — the guy waiting outside ran around the corner to avoid being hit — jumped our our front step, took out the stucco stair rail on one side and our tree box which I only recently installed on the other; minor, but still, sadness. Then — and this is some magic that everyone was standing around at 11:30 on Saturday night trying to figure out — the car managed to pass between a fire hydrant and chained-up bicycle that were maybe 6-7 feet apart, without scratching either. Crazy.

It would have been really, really easy for that car to plow into the first floor apartment and seriously hurt some people. Instead, it’s a whole lot of hassle and insurance-wrangling for everyone involved. The poor guy who almost got mowed down gets mad points for catching and remembering the plate number, so we’ll see what happens…

What was kind of nice about the incident was that a ton of neighbors got out of bed and came over to our place — not in a rubberneck-y way, but in a helpful, supportive way. The cops were pretty good too. Yay, Bernal.

Nicole says she now plans to look into getting a speed hump installed on that section of Crescent, adding “I’m not personally a big fan of speed humps/bumps, but I’m even less enthusiastic about people ramming their cars into my building.” Fair enough…

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Reader Kelly

6 thoughts on “Crazy Driver Veers Off Crescent, Hits Car and House, Triggers Neighborly Bonding

  1. That is one crazy story! It is incredibly lucky that no one was hurt/killed. Wow.

    We have speed humps on our street, which is a common route for people going from South Bernal to Bernal Central. The humps were installed before my time, so I can’t speak to whether they slowed drivers down or not vs. in times past. But what I can say is that people still drive quite fast (it’s a wider, longer street), and we also see the Law of Unintended Consequences in action: because the speed humps stop about 5 feet from each curb (I guess because it would be bad for car tires to park on top of them?), drivers will speed and then swerve to avoid the humps on days when there are not many parked cars, such as when street cleaning has just occurred. This creates an even worse situation in which the speeding car could easily take out someone (esp. a child) standing near the curb.

    Again, I can’t say whether this is better or worse than it was in the past, but I suppose my point is not to expect a dedicated dangerous driver (DDD) or a dedicated dangerous drunk driver (DDDD) to be deterred by the speed humps.

  2. I live at the corner of Bernal Heights Blvd. & Bradford, right around from 2 “15 mph” hour signs. People don’t pay attention or care and I’ve witnessed some horrendous accidents. Good luck with getting the speed bump! It takes years the accomplish.

  3. Wow, I used to live in the building that got hit – that’s an apartment with a family right behind that white door. Crescent Avenue is crazy – people love to bomb down the hill. The intersection with Gates is super dangerous as it’s hard to see cross traffic that doesn’t have to stop.

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