You Have Another Month to Taste the Bernal Supper Club

Last week, I finally made it to the Bernal Supper Club, that Monday night pop-up restaurant created by a close-knit group of Bernal Heights foodies.

It was delicious. I started with the roasted beet salad, served with ricotta stuffed blossoms, basil puree, and pine nuts:

For my main, I chose the duck leg with wild rice, pickled cherries, and fennel salad. Also great:

No less great were the big smiles on the faces of chefs Tony Ferrari, Jonathan Sutton, and Miles Carnahan. “I spend all week looking forward to Monday!” Ferrari said when I grabbed him for a moment to say hello. The restaurant had a healthy crowd, and the gents were clearly having a blast in the kitchen. Their enthusiasm was palpable.

Indeed, they’re having so much fun, they’ve decided to extend the Bernal Supper Club for another month. So every Monday evening from now through the end of September, you can dine BSC-style in their pop-up home in The Corner, on Mission Street at 18th.

And after that? With a little luck, they could end up in a restaurant spot back home in Bernal Heights. They’ve already started looking…

PHOTOS: Courtesy of Bernal Supper Club (because my pics really sucked)

12 thoughts on “You Have Another Month to Taste the Bernal Supper Club

  1. Just went tonight. The smoked trout salad was OUTSTANDING. Bravo- you guys rock.
    Thank you to Todd et al for promoting Bernal peeps.

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