Bernalwood Editor Writes Article for Some Newspaper in New York; Encourages You to Report for Bernalwood

 I have an article in today’s New York Times about iPhone photography as an emerging art form. The article focuses on Mission-dweller Doctor Popular, who has established himself as an innovator in the medium.

ALSO, this is probably a good time to remind all our readers that if you have an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry smartphone, you have all the tools you need to become an ace reporter for Bernalwood. As my article demonstrates, that device in your pocket is a powerful photography insutrment, so please use it whenever you see *anything* fun, interesting, or important in the neighborhood. Capture the moment, then send it to us at the address shown on your screen: bernalwood *at* gmail *dot* com.

Reader Amy did it when she found that spooky pentagram on Bernal Hill. Another Tipster did it when he photographed that loose-screw guy defacing the mural at Emmy’s. And Reader X did it when he snapped that succulent thief making off with the goods.

You can do it too. And if you feel like making your photos a little more artsy-fartsy, my article may help. But if not, that’s fine too. Just send us your photos with a brief description of whatever you see, please!

Our email address again:

PHOTO: Top, iPhone photo by Telstar Logistics (aka Todd Lappin)

9 thoughts on “Bernalwood Editor Writes Article for Some Newspaper in New York; Encourages You to Report for Bernalwood

  1. Congrats on the article! Since you are dishing out photography advice, can you please advise how to capture an image of the guy who walks through precita park with his boombox, blaring appropriate 80s tunes? I suppose video would be best, but I am too embarrassed to blatantly film him. Any ideas? Should I hide behind a newspaper?

    • I LOVE that guy! He struts down Precita past my house all the time. I’ve wanted to capture a shot him too. Frankly, I’d just point and shoot. I’ve seen him enough to suspect he wouldn’t care. But also also, yes, video would be better.

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