Meet Darren Samuelson, Large Format Photographer


Darren Samuelson

Here in Bernalwood, we like to go big. From our sprawling McMansions to our hulking Chevrolet Suburbans, life in the ‘Wood is all about living large. So it’s fitting that the Inclusions Gallery on Cortland is currently hosting an exhibit by Darren Samuelson, a San Francisco photographer who uses an ultra-large format camera to take big pictures of America’s  most beefy landscapes.

On Thursday night, August 25 at 7 pm, Inclusions will host a Q&A with Samuelson, to discuss his work. Inclusions tells us:

Darren Samuelson built an ultra large format camera as a tool to experiment with 14×36 inch x-ray film. Seventy pounds of carefully constructed red oak, steel, and 6-foot bellows, along with an entire set of custom made film holders, processing and printing tools make both shooting and developing a photo a laborious task that results in a truly unique image. The prints showcased in this exhibition were gathered from trials on his back porch, San Francisco landscapes, and a road trip across the U.S. The character of these images comes from both the experimental nature of the camera and the orthochromatic register of x-ray film, which more closely aligns with film before the 1920s. In their iconic subject matter and aesthetics, these photos reach back to the first applications of photography. Darren is a self-taught photographer, freelance designer, and part-time chef. He works with many camera sizes–medium, large, and ultra large, and always with film. He is a Bay Area native who lives and works in San Francisco.

This terrific video shows how the magic happens:

Once again: Q&A with Darren Sameulson at Inclusions Gallery, Thursday night, August 25 at 7 pm. If you can’t make the event, do sees the exhibit of his work — and his supersized camera — on display be at Inclusions until September 18.

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