UPS Drops Trash Bomb on Bernal Street

Reader Troy came home this week to find that UPS had dropped off a battered package on his front doorstep, near Paul Revere School. The item in the box was a family heirloom, and it was very badly damaged. That was a big bummer, but even worse, the torn box then spewed foam packing chips all over the block. UPS promised to clean up the mess, but it hasn’t happened:

On Monday, UPS dropped off a package at my home on the South Slope of Bernal Heights. Sadly the package arrived quite damaged, with a softball sized hole in the side. A side effect of the hole, the “popcorn” packing materials started to blow down the street, and into the Paul Revere schoolyard. I tried to clean as much up as I could but the wind really started to carry it away (see video).

I called UPS who started to pass me around from the HQ to the distribution center to the local store. The woman at the local store apologized and said she would both come out to Bernal to look and clean it up but also talk to the principle of Paul Revere. I asked her to do some by EOD Monday and mentioned I would follow up with the school later this week. I called the school this morning and the secretary said no one from UPS had called.

In my response to the Claims Department at UPS I asked them to advise me of their next steps are with making right the mess they left in our neighborhood. I mentioned that we have families and kids here and take pride in our community. If UPS is going to do business here, they exercise the same respect.

UPDATE: UPS responds:

Now let’s see if they follow through…

PHOTO: Reader Troy

18 thoughts on “UPS Drops Trash Bomb on Bernal Street

  1. That sucks. Yet more evidence that the styrofoam peanuts should be outlawed. The corn-starch and other bio-degradable alternatives are just as good, and completely biodegradable.

  2. Meh. UPS damaging your package is totally lame and they should compensate, but asking them to pick up popcorn that has blown around the neighborhood is a waste of their time. They’re a shipping company, not a street-cleaning company. The city has street-sweeping vehicles to take care of that with, the school has janitors and groundskeepers to clean up the school. People have brooms that they use to clean leaves and aaaaaaall the oooother stuff that accumulates on city streets. You really expect UPS to come and sweep up a couple blocks in San Francisco? gimme a break.

    • Uhhh… Yeah? They made the mess, they are responsible for the mess, they should clean up the mess.

      • This is a concept that most of us learned when we were about 4 years old.

      • It’s not the god damn BP fuckin oil spill dude, it’s some shipping detritus that spilled on the sidewalk.

    • Joe: Exactly. So it’s not such a big deal for them to get their asses out here and clean up the mess that they made. Simple.

    • UPS ought to clean up after themselves. If a private citizen did the same thing they’d get fined for littering.

  3. I have seen the UPS driver (always the same driver) on a number of occasions throw packages from her truck to the doorstep. She rarely gets out of the truck to bring the package up to the entrance. Not surprised something got broken. I generally like UPS — their drivers, prices, service — but think our neighborhood ended up with a terrible driver.

    • It’s the same driver. She had to see the popcorn spilling into the street. There was a trail from the back of the truck to my front porch. She sped off before I could ask her what happened.

      Five days later there is still popcorn in my neighbors yard/garden. Each day since Monday UPS tells me “someone is coming to take a look” but it’s yet to happen.

      The @sf311 Service Report # is 943495.

  4. oh my I have to chime in. We had a REAL issue with her and complained. Well she gave us payback for about 2 months – refused to deliver our packages and not leave info notices so we had to CALL each time to arrange pick up at the office in Potrero, when she got too cocky and had to deliver a few token packages they were always dented, stepped on etc. We recently noticed she now comes up our steps (rather than throwing our packages) actually says hi and you’re welcome. It appears to us she was reprimanded repeatedly and has changed her tune….but sorry to see this behavior continue elsewhere. My friend called it an OUNCE OF POWER syndrome. We loved the old driver – the one who wears the knit cap, he was great and occasionally delivers to our hood. I used to walk down Cortland, see the brown truck and tense up knowing it was her – too bad when so many others would take her job in a minute!

  5. Yeah, I’ve seen the same driver tossing packages over too! Surprising cause almost all the drivers I deal with at work are real pros. FedEx drivers? Not so much.

  6. I live on the north side of the hill and we get the knit cap guy…he’s fantastic. Saw him without his cap a few days ago–he has tiny braids under there!

  7. Joe, do you have any idea how fucking annoying and messy those little foam peanuts can be when the wind blows? they get into bushes, landscaping, every fucking little crack and crevise around and are fucking impossible to pick up.

  8. I’m Debbie Curtis-Magley with UPS and I wanted to share an update on Troy’s story. Rebecca with our local office met with the school principal today and she helped clean up the visible packing peanuts in the school yard.

    I also noticed several complaints about UPS service in the neighborhood. This is certainly not the experience we want to deliver. For that, I want to offer my sincere apologies. Our customer support team has shared these concerns with the local UPS management group.

    • Rebecca called me earlier and said the same. While it’s great that you made the effort to come out to the neighborhood and try and clean things up, it’s unfortunate it took 5 days to do so.

      Hopefully this informs a better policy around this type of incident in the future.

      • Hi Troy:

        Understood. We will work to avoid a repeat of the disappointing experience you and your neighbors have shared. Thanks again for the feedback.

        Debbie Curtis-Magley
        UPS Public Relations

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