Celebrate Secession Art & Design’s Fourth Anniversary, Friday

Secession Art & Design is located on Mission Street, right across from our Taoist Safeway, and I love stopping in there during grocery runs to check out their current shows. When possible, I also enjoy giving them some of my money, because Secession always always has very cool, locally made stuff. So it is indeed cause for celebration that on Friday night, August 19, Secession is having a Fourth Anniversary Party from 6:30 to 9:30. Here are the deets:

Secession Art & Design took over 3361 Mission Street, nestled between Abner’s Barber Shop and Smoke N Talk, in 2007 with the dream of creating a space to house a rotating collection of independent art & design. We wanted a store that could be home to a mix of medias co-existing. The neighborhood is a living, breathing work of art. Four years in one location has taught us so much about human nature, working together, and community. Our hood has taught us to dream big, build a career, and support everyone in our path. Community is about sharing resources!

Last year, we expanded our wall space to The Front Porch, 65a 29th Street, a five-minute walk from the gallery. Art from our gallery is now the backdrop to fantastic southern-inspired food. A tasty inspiration! Happy 5th Anniversary to The Front Porch on August 21! The Southern Mission has opened so many doors, and we appreciate all that our neighborhood has offered! Secession is excited to announce the celebration of extending our lease three more years! Please join us on Friday to celebrate our independent art & design community.

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