A Very Luscious, Very Brief Film About Bernal Heights

Antonio Abadia recently had one of those “OMG! I just discovered Bernal Heights!” moments, so he made a (very) short film about it.

I went to explore I bit around my neighborhood, and I find out that just about 10min biking there is cool park called Bernal Heights where you can see such a nice view of San Francisco.

His video is swell, even though it feels like the opening montage for an entire, luscious film about Bernal… which, alas, it isn’t. Yet.

One thought on “A Very Luscious, Very Brief Film About Bernal Heights

  1. More and more, folks new to San Francisco are becoming aware of our natural oasis hidden in the heavy midst of the city’s dense fog. It is jewel, I will admit, however, this lusterous pearl was not always this way.
    I lived my childhood years on this lushy green hill back in the early seventies when it still was home to the working blue collar familes that where mostly made of Italian and Hispanic immigrants. Parts of Treat street was cobble stoned and speed racers tested their rebuilts through the hill. Consequently, those that lost the race were left abandoned. Furthermore, it was also a place for the unwanted debri of neighborhoods further out from the Mission. Old mattresses, broken glass bottles, unwanted kitchen sinks, used codoms, and old black and white TV’s(yes, that is no typo) with their rabbit ears still attached was as common as the fresh grass that came with every winters rain.
    I am grateful that Bernal Hill has become the sanctuary that it is today. It is a luxury to call this part of town home. One cannot beat the village type lifestyle it provides to all of us living here.
    On the other hand, I likewise fear that all this propaganda will signal an alarm to many others and in time, as a result of all this calling, will conjest and overcrowd us as more advertisement(specially from Realters, which has already begun with the building of that creature shoe box shaped thing that coldly sits at the corner of Ripley) comes to be.
    As far as I can remember, there never has been a shortage of tourist crowding the peeks of Diamond Heights, or the shops of Noe Valley. Unlike Bernal Heights whose heaviest crowds where from the very same neighbors that would shop their produce at today’s now famous “Farmers Market.”
    While I somewhat welcome all the comforting perks that newcomers discover and loudly advertise, I wish they would repectfully turn it down a notch just as a precaution to preserve the serentiy that our gorgeous “mountain”(as my seven year old nephew calls it) provides to us all in return for its preservation three in a half decades ago.

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