Anticool Bernal Driving Machine Visits the Secret Workshop of Anticool Bernal Auto Racing Team

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It’s like when Batman meeting Robin. When Bonnie met Clyde. When Peanut butter met chocolate. Indeed, the photo above captures the scene that transpired when Bernal’s most anticool driving machine joined forces with Bernal’s most anticool racing team.

The backstory: That 1970s-vintage electric car Comuta-Car that we talked about a few days ago desperately needs of some brake work. And who better to accept that challenge than the those fatherly gearheads from Bernal Dads Racing? So one night this week, the Comuta-Car popped in for inspection at the Dads’ top secret race-prep automotive workshop.

Here we see Comuta-Car owner James Nestor offering the ritual six-pack to the Dads in exchange for their consideration and services:

Electric Garage

Here’s a rakish view of the Comuta-Car from the front. Notice the completely nonfunctional air scoop nostril between the headlights! Sooooooooo antisexy!

Electric Garage

For the anatomically curious, here is a view of a few (but not all) of the Comuta-Car’s batteries, and its electric motor (visible in the center), all revealed beneath the cabin bench seat:

Electric Garage

It’s all perfectly futuristic, don’t you think?

Electric Garage

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5 thoughts on “Anticool Bernal Driving Machine Visits the Secret Workshop of Anticool Bernal Auto Racing Team

  1. By “parked” you mean “seasoning.” I needed a good dirt-and-sun-bleached patina before taking it out on the open road. With that, thanks to the Bernal Dads Drinking, I mean, Racing Team, this gem will be taking to the streets in no time. Be sure to wear a helmet.

  2. Looks like someone dropped a battery in their soapbox derby car. That said, there’s something odd about fixing the brakes on a vehicle that, if working (which it is not), might have a top speed of 8mph. Why not just buy some platform shoes, cut a hole in the floor, and Flintstone it?

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