Surprise! While We Slept, The Sun Rose In the East

Sunrise from Bernalwood 4

Reader Julie took this wonderful sunrise photo from atop the hill last Friday.

It looks just like a sunset, but — check it out! — it’s happening over the Bay Bridge, instead of Sutro Tower. How weird! Indeed, if you are a sleep enthusiast like me, you may be shocked (shocked!) to learn that when a sunrise happens, it happens to the east. Who knew??

Since I have no intention to reproduce this experiment by waking up early myself, Julie’s fab photo provides all the evidence I need that a) the sun really does rise to the east and b) sunrise can be spectacular.

PHOTO: Reader Julie

5 thoughts on “Surprise! While We Slept, The Sun Rose In the East

  1. I suspect a hoax! Sunrise is when you open your eyes and the sun is already out, or at least hiding behind clouds. This eastern business sounds fishy…


  2. I just picked up a 2012 calendar from Good Life Grocery, and guess what the December 2011 picture is? “Sunrise from Bernalwood” by Julie! It looks gorgeous in print.

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