Foodie Entrepreneur Wanted for Glamorous New Space on Cortland

For Lease

I ran into the owner of the newly-renovated property at 420 Cortland last week. The joint is freshly spiffed-up and the For Lease sign is up, and the owner told me he’d love to find a veteran restauranteur or established local chef to hang a shingle on this prime piece of Cortland real estate, which sits smack between the Good Life Market and the Liberty Cafe. (The latter is for sale, if you recall.) Here’s the interior view:

420 Cortland


Here’s the property listing:

Just completed remodel of historic building into mixed use (two commercial units and one residential unit). Historic facade has been preserved with the rest of the property entirely rebuilt. You have to see it to understand the tremendous upside of locating your business at 420 Cortland. The property is located on Cortland’s anchor block/side of the street in terms of foot traffic, etc. The primary front retail unit is accessible directly from Cortland and the Courtyard Unit is accessible through the alley on the right side of the property. This is the only commercial property on all of Cortland that has a front patio (finished in beautiful slate–see pics) as a part of the property creating an extremely desirable space that in the hands of the right tenant could be become the anchor commercial space in all of Bernal.

Note that last point: 420 Cortland does indeed have a new front patio which has ample potential to become the most glamorous brunching spot in all of Bernal Heights for seeing and being seen.

Interested? Dial the number on your screen.

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11 thoughts on “Foodie Entrepreneur Wanted for Glamorous New Space on Cortland

  1. Wow, I didn’t recognize the storefront so I looked at Google Street View — that black paint is really an improvement. Crossing my fingers for an Herbivore outpost! Or a takeout location for Gracias Madre. 🙂

  2. Walking by earlier today (Christmas!), I saw an enigmatic posting in the window- a question mark with a bicycle wheel as the “dot”. I was going to go out on a limb and say it’s going to be something bicycle-related, but perhaps that’s a red herring!

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