Meet the New Top Dog at the Stray Bar

There’s  new pup-in-residence at the Stray Bar, and I had the pleasure of meeting him during a boozy night earlier this week. Reader Heather explains…

If you’ve ever been to Stray Bar, you might have met owner Karen Opp’s old dog Camden. He was often found chilling next to the water bowl or behind the bar. Sadly, Camden passed last week, but there’s a new top dog in the house, a spry little pupster named Finnegan. And, of course, there’s the Foursquare Mayor, Perceval P Peninsula. And, my boyfriend and I adopted a Rocket Dog puppy, who we named LuLu La Bonte, from a Cortland Ave adoption event on July 4. (Do mayors get crowns in this town? Or just fedoras?)… There really is a whole episode of “Bernal Hill, 94110” going on four-on-the-floor-style in that place.

Note that Finnegan has his own Facebook page, if you want to become cyberpals.

PHOTO: Finnegan in full sunlight, via the Facebook

2 thoughts on “Meet the New Top Dog at the Stray Bar

  1. Camden was loved and is truly missed. Not only by me, his owner, but his many fans at Stray Bar. Finnegan knows he has big paw prints to fill in Camden’s wake, but I’m pretty sure he’ll do just fine. Come meet Finnegan every Monday at Stray Bar (and Tuesdays, and Wednesdays…)
    Thanks to everyone who stopped by to reminisce about Camden. He was a great ol’ guy! Your love and support is greatly appreciated.

    Karen Opp
    Owner/Stray Bar

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