Alemany Farmer’s Market Report: “Berry Hip” July Edition

It’s grey, cold, and cloudy today in Bernalwood, but (lest we forget) it’s sunny and hot outside the City. And that means it’s prime season for mid-summer produce at the Alemany Farmer’s Market. Woo-hoo!

I dropped by Alemany on Saturday to survey the merchandise, and the inventory was looking good. Of course, heirloom tomatoes were de rigeur:

Alemany - June 2011

It looks like regular tomatoes are still a few weeks away from their peak (spelling errors notwithstanding):

Alemany - June 2011

Juicy peaches were generating significant transactional volume:

Alemany - June 2011

Alemany - June 2011

For the budget-conscious, one guy was selling flats of “cosmetically challenged” peaches off the back of a truck:

Cosmetically Challenged

Our Asian friends swarmed around the vendor selling tiny ears of yellow sticky corn.

Alemany - June 2011

I’d never tried sticky corn before, but fortunately they were giving away cooked samples. It is noticeably less sweet — and yes, more sticky — than the stuff I typically associate with summer. I liked it, and so did this kid:

Alemany - June 2011

For Francophiles, there was enough lavander on hand to induce Proustian reveries of Aix en Provence:

Alemany - June 2011

And of course, the berries were off the hook:

Alemany - June 2011

Alemany - June 2011

Alemany - June 2011

Executive Summary: Get thee to Alemany ASAP in the weeks ahead, while the gettin’ is still so so good!

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4 thoughts on “Alemany Farmer’s Market Report: “Berry Hip” July Edition

  1. I just enjoyed a delicious white peach from my Saturday visit! I totally overdid the berries, but as you can see, they are insanely hard to resist.

  2. Just when I was depressed about avocado season ending here, you had to hit me with stone fruit season… and those berries! I’ll be home soon, and it will be fruittastic…. I can smell the lavender from here!

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